The Labyrinth

You have just moved into a new house with your family. A new school will be the least of your worries. Your closet is a gateway into the famous Labyrinth which once occupied the Minotaur. Will you explor it and attempt to survive its challenges or would you rather hit the books?

Over a thousand of years ago, a great inventor named Daedalus created the labyrinth. Its original purpose was to occupy a foul creature called the Minotaur. This beast had the head of a bull and the body of a man. King Minos forced five men and five women to enter the labyrith every month to feed the beast. One day, a hero named Theseus defeated the monster with the help of Ariadne's string to guide him. Though the Minotaur was slain, the Labyrinth lived on. It now occupies creatures too horid to be seen in the real world. Occasionally, entrances to the Labyrinth are accidently found. This is where you come in...

The car pulls over outiside your new house.

"We're here!" Your mum cheers. You maintain your vacant expression. No one had asked you if you had wanted to move. You had been perfectly happy at your old school with your friends and small house. "Cheer up darling. It's good to have a fresh start sometimes."

"Whatever" You mumble. You open the door and walk the few steps to get to the house.

"This place is so cool" Your brother exclaims. No surprise there. He was the reason you had to move. Your brother had learning difficulties and his old school had failed to see this. Instead, they punished him when in face it wasn't his fault. Now he was going to go to a better school where he could still be around regular students but he could get the help he needed. Seeing his face light up made you happy though. You love him despite how annoying he can be.

"Okay, get your bums up those stairs with your suitcases and pack up."

To continue this adventure please choose your gender. This will affect how characters behave with you and it will branch out into very diifernet stories. Bear in mind that you are about 17 in this story.

The End

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