Why A Princess Needs To Sneak Out

“Later Charlie.” I waved to my blonde bestie and headed down the street towards my house.

I checked the time on my phone turning up the volume.

“Perfect, four hours to kill…” I mutter to myself.

I push open my front door and lock it behind me. I went straight up the stairs to my room dumping my bag near the door.

I tugged off my uniform and wrapped a towel around myself.

“Oh, you’re home.”

“Hi to you too.” I roll my eyes at one of my sisters.

“No need to be b*tchy…” I heard her mumble then walk off.

What? I’m not being b*tchy.

I hopped in the shower and scrubbed school away from me. All that matters is tonight. I rinsed out my hair and turned off the shower. I scampered back to my room in my towel and switched my laptop on the desk in the corner of my room.

I dried myself down and pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans and a green tee that said ‘They’re taking the hobbits to Isengaurd!’ under a green and grey checked shirt. I towel dried my hair and left it to dry naturally as I sat at my desk and logged into my Tumblr and my Facebook.

I scrolled through both, reblogging and favouriting as well as sharing and liking.

I was uploading photos from Fanta-con to Tumblr when my FB pinged. I opened the new message from my friend Kai.

Kai: So, how was the Con?

Kylar: Was fun. I met a boy.

Kai: Do tell!


Kai was a about a year or so below me in school, we met through film and anime projects run in the town.

I went on to explain everything with Christopher.

Kai: OMG! Ky! That’s adorable!

Kylar: It was just a few texts, nothing cute Kai

Kai: Sé la Vi

Kylar: Blah Blah Blah

Kai: Balrog

Kylar: You going tonight?

Kai: Can’t, studying. On lockdown. You?

Kylar: Sneaking out. Sshh.

Kai: Badass b*tch

Kylar: Aren’t I just…

I logged off and shut down my computer. An hour and a half left.

I lay back on my bed and listened to BVB again going through the plan in my head again.

Back when we were ten, me and Charlie mapped out the small lane ways and gardens between all the houses in case of a zombie apocalypse. Granted the apocalypse never came so now it’s a maze for sneaking out and meeting up in the middle of the night.

I should leave.

I locked my bedroom door and turned off my music, slipping my iPod and headphones into my jeans pocket and grabbing a hoodie. I switched off the lights and put my glasses in my other pocket. Checking I had my money I slid my window open and swung a leg out, then the next, gripping the small ledge left from broken brick.

“I need a f*cking ladder.” I mumble and lower myself out the window trying not to look down.

I managed, with difficulty, to close my window again and then continued my descent.

I jumped down onto the grass and listened carefully to see if anyone had heard me.


Okay, I think I’m good.

I hopped the fence at the back of the small garden and looked both ways up and down the alleyway before heading towards town. I plugged my headphones into my ears and hit play on A Day to Remember as I manoeuvred my way effortlessly through the back lanes behind houses of strangers. I looked up at the stars. Only a short while till summer and then I’m free for four months.

I stepped out of the lanes onto one of the main roads and waited for the bus. I checked the time on my phone; I had half an hour.

“Screw this.” I mutter and take off running towards the cinema. Why did I wait so late to leave?

I stopped at the back of the line outside the cinema and attempted to catch my breath.

“F*ck that hurts.” I groan and hold the stitch in my side. Perfect.

I managed to breath like a normal person and check to make sure I and enough money; I did.

I paid for my ticket and headed into the theatre.

I got comfortable in a seat in the middle. The middle is the best spot; it’s not too close and not too far away. Plus I don’t get neck pains or have to put up with horny couples. I pulled my knees up and continued listening to my music as the theatre filled up with nerds and fans like me.

“Kylar?” someone tapped my shoulder.

The End

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