School Can't Get Any Better, Can it?


“What?” I answered my phone and glared at the harsh sun coming through my window.

“Just a helpful reminder that if you don’t get up and down to the bus stop in an hour you’re going to miss school.” Charlie chirped down the phone.

“F*ck off.” I groaned and looked over at my duck clock. She was right. The bus would be there in an hour. “I’ll see you in an hour.” I mumble and hang up.

I dragged myself form my warm bed and sloppily put myself into ripped black tights under the St. Tennent’s uniform of a gray tartan skirt, white shirt and black cardigan with the school crest of a flashlight slash pen. Charlie’s convinced it’s a sonic screwdriver to be honest she might not be far wrong.

I tied my converse and stuffed my stupid hair into my badge covered beanie. I’m too late to have a shower.

I rimmed my eyes with heavy black eyeliner and stuffed my phone into my skirt pocket heading towards the stairs.


“Shut up Pippa.” I quietly scolded my black kitten.


“Ssh!” I put my finger to my lips and crept towards the door keeping an ear towards the ceiling to make sure Mum was still asleep.

“Bye Peregrin.” I stroked her once putting on my MCR shoulder bag and slipping out the front door.

I ran down our small drive and down the street while putting in my headphones and pressing play on shuffle.

I’m going to f*cking late.

I could see the bus stop.

“CHARLIE!” I scream at it.

“YOU ARE SO LUCKY YOU LITTLE B*TCH!” she screamed back.

I fell into a jog and finally made it to the bus stop. I looked at my phone.

“Score,” I fist pump. “Five minutes to spare.”

“You are so lucky.” Charlie giggled.

“I know.” I shrugged and sat on the curb next to her.

“Whatcha’ listening to?”

“BVB, what else?” I roll my eyes at her.

“Thought today it’d be different.” She shrugged.

“Is it ever?” I nudged her. BVB are my saviors no matter what anyone says.

The bus finally arrived.

“So how long was essay for English?” I asked taking our regular spot in the middle. I took the window seat.

“Sh*t. That was for today?” she fell into the seat next to me.

I nodded and changed songs.

“Can I copy yours?”

“Sure.” I dug through my bag and held out the paper to her.

“Life SaviourKy.”

“I know.” I smirked.

Six stops and four friends later we arrived at school.

“I hate Mondays.” Ducky complained stuffing her PE bag into her locker.

“Bloody tell me about.” Lollie pitched in pulling out her French books.

I placed my headphones in my locker but turned my phone on silent and placed it in my skirt pocket.

“Yeah, but we only have seven Mondays left until summer.” Ginger sat beside us on the locker room floor.

“Ugh, seven Mondays too long.” Ducky shut her locked and lay back on the floor putting her head on Ginger’s lap.

“How’d the con go anyway?” she asked me and Charlie.

“Was fun.” Charlie beamed then looked at her watch.

“I’m here! I’m so sorry for being late.” Dan collapsed between me and Charlie.

Ducky made the whip crack noise and we all laughed.

“I’m not whipped.” Dan whined.

“Yes you are now shut up.” Char poked him.

He rolled his eyes and pecked her lips.

“Ewww..” Lollie joked. “Stop being coupley, some of us are forever alone.”

I high fived her.

“Anybody else not do their English homework?” Charlie asked our group.

Lollie raised her hand.

“Thank god!”

The class bell rang telling us break was over.

We all grumbled and forced ourselves off the floor. I waved farewells to the others as me, Bobbob, LaLa and Ally made our way to higher maths. I hate higher maths.

“Did you understand any of this?” I ask Lala holding up the complex number section.

“Kinda. But I hate complex numbers so that didn’t help either.”

I guess.

I sat in the back beside Bobbob behind Ally and Lala. We had a little maths group thing going on.

Like always I zoned out and discreetly took my phone from my pocket and checked for something to do.

I noticed the little envelope in the corner of my screen.

I glanced at Bobbob was trying to look interested when we both knew she really wasn’t.

I clicked the little envelope.

Christopher: I’m bored.

I glanced at Bobbob again and then at the teacher.

Kylar: Same. Math sucks.

I crossed my fingers and to my actual surprise; he replied.

Christopher: Aww, you don’t stutter in the texts. :P

I felt my cheeks heat up; I hate my stutter.

Kylar: That’s a good thing.

I waited but he never replied.

With five minutes left in Math I took one last glance to find a new message.

Christopher: What ever you say Ky.

Kylar: Shove it.

The bell relieved us of math and I quickly made my escape towards art. I f*cking love art.

I didn’t look at my phone for the whole class. I was preoccupied with my drawings of Black Parade and my intense conversation with Ducky over her paint choice and how our teacher sucks at teaching Art History. NO, like seriously, he can’t teach art history.

The End

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