Yes Mother.


“What?” I groaned into my phone.

“Ky? Where the hell are you?!”

“Calm down mother. I’m at Charlie’s. Like all the other times.” I grumbled down at the mad woman on the phone. “We’ve been through this. I’m always at Char’s unless I say otherwise.”

“Well, I’m sorry if I thought you died.”

“Mother, if I died I’d tell you.” I yawned. “Can I please go back to sleep now?”

“Ok, ok. Fine. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Or whenever I get home.”

“Or whenever you get home.” She repeated. “Bye.”

“Bye mum.”

I hung up and looked at the time; half bloody four in the morning. Perfect.

I rolled onto my side on the bean bag and pulled the duvet around me drifting off until Fluffy decided to sit on my head.

I gently picked her up and placed her on Frankie’s face then fell back asleep. 

The End

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