Pizza and Phone Calls Back in the TARDIS

I ran down the street to the bus stop. When I got there I was doubled over trying to get my breath back.

I over looked the glare Charlie was sending me.

“I’m not late.” I roll my eyes at her.

Her glare disappeared and she burst out laughing.


“I made you run like my b*tch!” she laughed pointing at me. I joined in realising how stupid I must have looked.

The bus arrived and we all climbed on and took up the back seats.

“So where did you run off to then?” Frankie nudged me.

I felt my face heat up. “Oh, no where. Just look around at comics and sh*t like that.” I lied as well as I could. Charlie gave me a knowing look but hid it when everyone else looked at her. This is why we’re best friends.

“What about you guys?” I tried to get the attention off me.

“Look! I got cosplay!” Lori held out her bag full of anime and manga.

“Just looked around really.” Frankie shrugged.

“Char?” I looked at my best friend.

“We went to the Doctor Who signing.” She squeaked excitedly.

“What?! There was a signing?!”

“Yeah,” she grinned and giggled loudly. “Look, I got Matt Smith to sign my DVDs!” she flashed her Doctor Who cases in my face. “He was so cute! I love him even more now!”

“Hey, sitting right here.” Dan waved a hand in front of her face.

“Don’t act like you don’t want him too.” Char rolled her eyes at him. I giggled to myself.

“Yeah, Dan, we all know you’d SO go gay for him.”

“I’m already gay for him so there!” he then realised what he had said but it was too late, we were already in fits of laughter. “I didn’t-I meant- That was wrong- I mean- Ah!” he gave up and buried his face in Charlie’s shoulder.

We got off the bus at the next stop. Charlie’s house is another twenty minute walk; it’s two and half streets over.

“Why do you have to live so far from the d*mn bus?” Frankie complained. “It’s unfair.”

“Shut up Frankie.”

We all burst out laughing as we turned down onto Charlie’s street.

“You’re mum’s trusting you to let Dan stay over?” Lori asked as Charlie fished in her purse for her keys.

“Mum’s across town on business, she doesn’t know.” she winked and unlocked the door.

We all piled into her small hallway kicking off our shoes.

“Hey Fluffy.” I bent down and stroked the fluffy black and white cat at my feet.

“I think food is in order.” Dan declared and headed straight for the kitchen.

“I want pizza.” Frankie said sitting at the kitchen table.

“Same.” I agreed pulling out my tiara and placing it on the table.

“Fine, we’ll order pizza.” Charlie picked up the phone and ordered out pizza.

We all ended up in the living room on the floor. I was helping Frankie brush the glitter out of her hair when the doorbell rang.

“That would be the food.” Dan stood up and Charlie got the money to pay the delivery guy.

“Ok, so, plain cheese for me.” Charlie said placing her box on the sofa, “Same for Lori,” she handed Lori the box. “Pepperoni and chicken for Frankie, all meat for Dan annnddd,” she held out my box to me. “Everything for Kylar.”

“Saint Charlie.” I said smiling and shoved a slice into my mouth.

“You’re such a pig.” She teased and I just shrugged; I like pizza.

My phone buzzed on the floor beside me.

I answered it after swallowing.


“Hey, you gave me the right number.” I heard a familiar voice smile down the phone.

“Christopher?” I asked placing my pizza box beside me and standing up.

“Who is it?” Charlie asked as I manoeuvred my way to the front hall. I just ignored her and shut the door.


“Hi-hi!” I manage to force out of my voice box.

He laughed a little. “Hi.”


He laughed again. “You were more talkative in person.”

“I-I’m not a very talkative person.” I stutter.

“I noticed.”

“O-oh.” I felt my cheek heat up.

“Just wanted to make sure you got back safe.”

“I-I did. We-we’re in Charlie’s eating pizza.”

“Oh, ok then. I’m glad you got back ok.”

I didn’t know how to reply to that.

“Well I better go-

“Thank you.” I cut him off. “For today. I-I had fun.”

“Me too.”

“Well…I-I guess I’ll talk to you a-again?” Probably not, no one ever wants to stay with me.



“Bye I guess.”

“Ye-yeah, I guess; b-bye.”

Then the phone went dead. I let out a sigh feeling my shoulders sag. I’m so pathetic.

I looked at my phone one last time before going back into the sitting room to the others.

“So, who was that?” Charlie raised her eyebrow.

“No one.” I mutter and drop back onto the bean bag beside my pizza. I wasn’t even hungry anymore.

“Didn’t sound like no one.” Dan opened an eye to look over at me.

“It was no one.” I snap lying back on the bean bag. “Go back to sleep Dan.”

“Mimi mah.” He mimicked before wrapping an arm around Charlie’s waist and pulling her down onto the couch beside him. She elbowed him in the stomach.

“Be nice to my best friend.” she scolded but lay down anyway.

Eventually we all ended up asleep across the sitting room. 

The End

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