Remember This is Only Fanta-Con

“I’m impressed Princess.” He grinned up at me then swept his legs behind me.

I let out a small scream as I fell and landed on the Rohan knocking the air out of his lungs when I landed on his stomach.

“Sorry...” I mumbled losing my LOTR speech.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. You ok?” his proper voice was amazing, so deep and beautiful.

I couldn’t talk so I nodded dumbstruck. This boy was way out of my league. What am I talking about? Every boy like this is out of my league.

“You’re really good at that; do you enter the tournaments?”

“N-no.” I stuttered over my words losing my confidence that my LOTR mask had given me.

“You should. You’re really good.” He flashed me that killer smile and I couldn’t help but blush again.

I will never step foot outside my room again.

“You hungry?” he asked helping me to my feet. I brushed off my skirt and put my dagger back in its sheath.

“Y-yeah.” I smiled nervously up at him. He was nearly a foot taller than me.

“Come on, I’ll treat.”

We took seats at the food area.

“Anything in particular?”

“Waffle?” I let my fringe fall in my face again suddenly getting really self conscience. He must think I’m stupid or something, not being able to speak properly.

“Same as me then.” He smiled and went to the waffle and pancake stand to get food.

I’m thirsty too. I glanced around me spotting a fridge unit. I looked back at ‘Agrathorn’ standing in line. There were a few people in front of him.

I slipped out of my chair and went to the stand. I paid for my coke and got a 7up for my new acquaintance not knowing what he’d want.

I went back to the table noticing he was already there looking a little disappointed.

He spotted me as I neared the table and I watched a smile spread across his face.

“I-I wanted a drink.” I held up my coke bottle innocently.

“You should have just asked.” He smiled and sat down at the table setting down our waffles beside each other.

I sat beside him and held out the 7up. “H-here.” I muttered holding it towards him.

“Oh awesome!” he took it. “How’d you know I liked 7up?”

I shrugged. “Lucky guess, I guess.” I smiled to myself proud of how it turned out.

“Well, thanks.” He smiled. “I’m Christopher by the way.” He held out his hand.

I stared at his hand. People contact; I was not good at this.

“Ky-Kylar.” I smiled through the fringe in my face and shook his hand pushing my fear to the back of my head for a short few seconds.


“Well, it’s not my real name. But I prefer to be called by it.” I was slowly getting settled and comfortable around him.

I stabbed my plastic fork into my waffle and stuck a piece in my mouth.

“Oh right.” He nodded and drank the drink I had gotten him. “So…books or films?”

“F*cking films.” I grinned opened my coke.

“No way! The books are so much better!”

“But Elijah Wood!”

“But books!”

“Ok, ok, I can’t argue when you say that.” I laughed.


I laughed again and ate more of my waffle.

“I never see you in school, where do you go?”

“I’m in Saint Tennent’s” I answered. “Why? Where are you?”


He was on the other side of town.

I gaped. “That’s so far away. What are you doing all the way over here?”

“Fanta-con. Duh.”

I rolled my eyes.

“I live on this side of town but I’m a boarder in Griffons. I come home on the weekends.”

“Oh.” Well, that answered a lot.


He didn’t look much older than me.

“Exams going well?” I asked sneakily.

“Eh, they’re fine.” He shrugged.

Dammit, my plan failed.


I answered my phone.

“Hey Dan.”

“Ky, where are you? Charlie’s going mental.”

“I…I’m...” I couldn’t really tell them I was with a stranger. Well, not a complete stranger.

“Dan! Give me the phone!” I heard Charlie scream on the end of the phone.

“Char, calm down, I’m talk-

“Don’t tell me to calm down! Where the f*ck is she?!”

I heard a scuffle guessing Charlie had jumped on his back.

“Ahh! Charlie get off!” Dan shouted. “Ky, we’re at the bus stop. Please hurry. We need to get back to Charlie’s.”

“Sure.” I frowned and hung up. I turned back to Christopher. “I’m sorry. I need to go. My friends are at the bus stop waiting for me.” my shoulders fell .I didn’t want to go.

“Oh,” his smile faltered. “Do you want me to go with you?”

I shook my head. “Y-You don’t have to.” I stuttered taken back by his offer.

“You sure?”

“Ye-yeah.” I forced a smile. “I’ll be ok.”

“Well, here.” he held out his phone to me.

I stared at it in confusion. Why was he giving me his phone, didn’t he need it?

“Put you’re number in.”

“Oh!” my cheeks heated up as I took his phone and handed him my crappy old one.

I typed my number and saved my name into it.

“Awesome.” He grinned when we swapped back.

“Tha-thanks, I guess.” I let myself smile a little.

“It was nothing, I had fun. A lot more than other years.”

“Well, I…I better get going.” I stood up and picked up my satchel.

“Yeah,” he sighed. “I’ll see you.”

He waved as I powered walked to the exit of the complex. What did he mean by ‘I’ll see you’? Were we meeting again?

I shook my head; I’m never stepping outside my room again. I made a complete idiot of myself. 

The End

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