The Son of Rohan

I flipped through the classic comics looking for an Iron Man I was missing. You can never go wrong with IronMan.

I was alone. Ok, not ‘alone’ alone. My friends didn’t abandon me; we just subconsciously went our separate ways for separate things. Frankie and Lori were looking at all the stands. I was looking for my missing comics and Charlie…Wait, where was Charlie?

I took my phone from my satchel and texted her.

            Where you? Xx

Her reply was just a simple:       Busy ;) x

Laughing to myself I put away my phone knowing that ‘busy’ meant ‘I’m with my boyfriend so go away so we can shift.’

I went back to flipping comics.

I reached for the only Iron man I didn’t have but it slipped through my fingers. I bent down to pick it up. I put my hand on the cover only for another hand to land on mine. I snatched my hand away quickly to calm my face from heating up.

“I-I’m sorry…emm…I was just...” I stood up and straightened my red dress and let my fringe fall into my face so I could hide. I was never good and social interaction.

“Oh no, it’s fine.” I heard the stranger say as he picked himself off the floor. “Here, I do believe you had it first.”

The Iron Man cover came into my view and I reached out for it looking up at the stranger.

I took in his outfit as I took the comic.

He wore a black linen top under a chainmail vest and leather waistcoat. He had black studded riding boots and a sword at his side. I recognised it immediately.

“You are a son of Rohan.” I blurted out before I could stop myself. I felt a blush creep up my neck. Why did I say it like that?!

“Oh course,” he smiled showing a brilliant smile. Wow… he has beautiful blue eyes and they shine. Not a lot of people’s eyes do this! And his shoulder length mop of hair was so peroxide it was practically white. And he was slim. Not slim as in skinny but slim as in fit, like drop dead hotness fit!

He bowed. “I am Agrathorn, Son of Aragorn.”

I laughed a little. He had picked up on my wording and was speaking as a Rohan.

“And what, should I call you?”

I held my head high and pushed my dark brown fringe from my face.

“You, son of Aragorn, can call me Nephlida, (Nef-lee-da), princess of the Woodland Elves.” I smirked back. It was hard not to; no one ever spoke like this with me. No one ever played along when I was the princess. No one had ever done this with me.

My smile disappeared when I registered what he had said. “You are the son of Aragorn?!”

He nodded proudly. “Son of Aragorn; King of Rohan.”

I instantly dropped into a curtsey and lowered my head. I felt my cheeks heat up at my irrationality.

“It’s an honour, Prince Agrathorn.” I stood up suddenly feeling really embarrassed. I’m only a princess to Woodland Elves, he is Prince of Rohan. What am I even doing?! I’m not meant to interact with people; this isn’t something I do, LOTR wise or other. “Forgive me if I have been wasting your time.” I turned to leave but he caught my wrist.

“You have not wasted my time princess.”

“Oh.” I looked at the ground. Made a fool of yourself there Kylar didn’t you?

“Princess, you carry a blade on your person. Does one even know how to wield a weapon of warriors?”

I grinned at him forgetting my embarrassment and awkwardness. “Is His Highness challenging me to spar?”

He stepped closer to me and looked down with those piercing blue eyes.

“Only if the princess wishes to be beaten by the son of Rohan.” He smirked. Oh my Mordor! That sexy smirk! I am getting way too ahead of myself.

“I see you wish to lose to a girl. I accept your challenge.”

We walked together over to the sparring mats that had been set out of tournaments earlier in the day. I picked a mat in the far corner and twirled around to face the prince.

“Right, Prince of Rohan, prepare to meet your match,” I said as I took my place at one end of the mat and he took the other.

He laughed lightly and drew his sword and I pulled my dagger from it’s sheath.

“Are you ready to lose princess?” he smirked.

“I should ask you the same question.” I twirled my dagger in my hand.

He swung his sword down and I quickly lifted my dagger to block, pushing him away. He looked slightly stunned and I quietly laughed to myself. Never underestimate a girl who knows her LOTR.

He regained his confidence and swung to my side. I dropped backwards onto my knees and caught his sword arm twisting it behind his back and stepped onto my feet. I brought my dagger to his throat. I leaned down and whispered, “I win.” Then dropped him on the mat. 

The End

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