The Fanta-Con Intro

[Updated version of I am Princess]
Just being Kylar.

I stepped off the bus and took in a deep breath. I ignored the weird stares I got as I walked proudly down the street towards the complex. I loved Fanta-con; it was the town’s annual Fantasy and Sci-Fi convention.

I smoothed out my floor length dress and straighten my tiara making sure my leather vest was tight and secure as well as my belt as I waited in line to get in.

I handed the security guard my pass and he let me through after checking satchel.

I walked through the main doors and spun around taking in everything around me. There were so many people, so many costumes and characters, it was too much, and I love it!


I turned with enough time to see a blue clad girl attack me.

“Ahh!” I tried to regain my balance so I could hug her back. “Hey Lori!” I laughed.

She finally let me go and stood back. She was wearing a simple blue native dress and blue pumps. Her light brown hair was in a low bun with two parts of her fringe clipped back. She was Katara, from Avatar: the Last Airbender.

“Come on! Everyone’s waiting!” she took my hand and started to lead me through the crowds of people.

We emerged from the crowds of people and I spotted some of our friends sitting at a random table in the food area.

“I found her!” Lori shouted as we got closer making everyone look at me.

We got to the table and I went over to my best friend Charlie.

“Up! I want to see!” I pointed at her and she stood up from her chair rolling her eyes. She had refused to tell me her costume and I’m dying to see.

“Holy sh*t! Charlie you look amazing!” I grinned at her as turned and did a fake smile and cheesy hair flip.

Her short blue dress was perfect along with the fabric she had stitched on for the windows.

“Does the light work?” I asked noticing the light on her headband.

“Yup,” Dan, her boyfriend, stood up beside her and pressed the light down making it flash.

“It’s looks amazing!” I beamed.

Charlie was the TARDIS and Dan was The Doctor; they were perfect.

“I know,” Charlie winked before taking her seat on Dan’s lap so I could have her chair.

I looked around the table. Me, Lori, Charlie, Dan and Frankie. Frankie was dressed as a dark fairy.

“What took you so long anyway?” Frankie asked and put a bite of pancake from the nearby stand in her mouth.

“Bus was late.” I shrugged. “Is my tiara straight, I couldn’t tell when I left?”

“Hang on,” Lori sat on the table in front of me and messed with my tiara before setting it still. “There.” She beamed.


“You hungry Ky?” Dan asked taking out his wallet.

I shook my head. “Nah I’m good.”

“You sure?”

“Charlie, I don’t eat when I’m not hungry.”

“That’s a blatant lie and you know it.”

“Shut up.”

“You shut up.”

“Boys, you can both have the girl!” Frankie yelled at us when me and Charlie started kicking each other under the table.

“So, food Ky?” Dan asked again.

“Waffle please.” I grinned at him handing him a fiver.



“Anyone else?”

He was answered with a chorus of no’s from the four of us.

When he was out of earshot Frankie and me turned and looked at Charlie.

“What?” she eyed us warily.

“Are you pregnant yet?” I ask her without shame.

“What?! Ky what the f*ck?”

“Have ye done it yet?” Frankie asked.

“What?!” Charlie went red. “N-no! What?!”

“Where are you two on the scale hmm?” I asked leaning in to her. Frankie followed my lead.

“Guys, leave her alone. She doesn’t have to tell you.” Lori cut in.

“Yes she does cause we want to know.”

“Come on Charlie. What number?” Frankie asked again. “I bet you it’s only three.”

“Five.” Charlie corrected.

I gave an over dramatic gasp. “Charlie Day! A five!” I let my grin spread across my face and lowered my voice so only our group could hear. “You little wh*re.”

We all giggled.

“Shut up, Dan’s coming back.” Lori warned us to stop.

“A waffle for the princess and tea for the bossy TARDIS.” Dan teased handing us our stuff and my change.

Charlie stuck out her tongue at him and sipped her tea. “I should have made you dress as a Dalek. I swear…” she muttered to herself.

“Ah, let him off Char.” Frankie winked making me giggle but a shut up when Dan looked at me weirdly. 

The End

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