The Dragons First Feed

Outside the grounds of Arundel Castle seven children were playing tag  although it was early morning they were often sent out to play by their parents . with soldiers walking about regularly and the community being tight knit the children were often safe.

This morning was like any other as the children were playing without a care in the world enjoying there time while they had it, there was laughter. Two boys were practicing being soldiers and playing with swords the other five were running about chasing each other. All that soon changed.

"woh" said one of the boys as a huge shadow appeared in the sky. The children just froze as the shadow got closer and closer....

"Is that the knucker" the boy went on to say.  His father had often spoke of the knucker but at this point nobody had seen it.

"Not sure" replied another

Suddenly the children ran off in all directions as they were overpowered by a huge shadow as the creature flew overhead, they were scared and wanted to get with the comfort of their parents where they felt safe.

Huge balls of fire came at them in all directions stopping the children in their tracks. The dragon circled the air getting closer and closer until it had all seven children circled. The local soldiers who guarded the castle fired arrows at the dragon but they had no effect whatsoever.  The dragon  swooped towards the children with it's jaws wide open and took them with one mouthful before landing. It was enjoying its meal until all of a sudden then dragon roared as a soldier fired an arrow into its back , the creature turned around and blew out a load of fire killing the soldier in an instant.

The dragon then flew off back towards the pond.

The End

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