The Dragon Emerges

The sun was rising early one September morning it felt cold and damp by the pond in Lyminster ....everything was calm and still. The only noise was the dawn chorus as the birds were starting to wake up.

Slowly the reeds began to rustle and the water started to move as steam appeared on the surface of the water , and bubbles appeared very faint at first the became bigger and more violent until all of a sudden a large green head with yellow eyes appeared out of the water and swam towards the waters edge, as the creature approached the edge first it put a large scaly green claw onto the land followed by another then a large scaly green body reflected in the sunlight as the creature banked itself ashore.

It paused for a moment then spread its huge bat like wings to shake off the water and then opened its mouth to reveal several layers of large pointed teeth and then let out a huge roar spitting out  water. The dragon breathed in again and let out another roar with more water coming out. At this point the dragon started to look annoyed and again breathed in more air with another roar except this time smoke came out followed by another breath letting out a huge amount of fire scorching the grass in front of it.

The dragon then lets out another sound (almost like he's pleased with himself) before opening his wings and taking off into the air and flying around in a huge circle and then soared towards Arundel castle.

The dragon needed to feed and a town is the best place to feed is a town full of people.....

The End

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