The Knights of Order

A common thief in the City of Citadel meets a destiny that he will never be able to believe. As War breaks out between the three kingdoms of Artonia, this thief must learn and master the ways of the Knights of Order, only by doing this, can he bring unity to the land once more.


In the land of Artonia, there were two kings. Their names, were Kyle and Cecil. Their father was the founder of Artonia. His name, was Sir Henry Arton. His rein was the golden age of Artonia. The continent flourished as a whole. He ruled for a great many years. In that time, Artonia flourished. Academics were founded, cities were built. Lives were lived and generations grew.

King Henry ruled for many years. In his last days, he decreed that his eldest son, Cecil, and his eldest son after him, would take up their father's throne, ruling over the kingdom with just as much righteousness and justice. They would help the kingdom flourish farther. They would advance on the work that he had begun.

But when King Henry died, and King Cecil took the throne, the Kingdom did not flourish as the king had foretold. His eldest son had failed him.

In the days of King Cecil Arton, the Kingdom was split under the rule of the tyrant. Sir Kyel Arton, the King's younger brother, would not stand for his brother's injustice. He gathered an army, an army of well trained men who were strong and wise in the magical arts. They rose against Cecil Arton, his army being strong and orderly, and far larger than the one that his brother had brought.

Thinking that Sir Kyle had lost, Cecil taunted his brother from the castle, watching his army kill every man that his brother had brought. But this quickly turned.

Being trained in the magical arts, Nine men survived out of the hundred that had invaded. They were wise and cunning with their art. Using it only when needed. Sir Kyle, was one of these men.

Five hundred were to guard the palace, and five hundred lie dead in the courtyard. King Cecil, watched as his brother and eight others took down the men that he had thought were the best.

Sir Kyle stormed the castle and challenged his brother to a duel. While his brother had brute strength, Sir Kyle Arton had skill. Kyle and Cecil, being equally matched, split the kingdom between the two. They left the original castle as neutral land and devided the rest between them.

Bitter by his defeat, Cecil's kingdom became corrupt and disorderly. The guards were pathetic, crime ran rampant through the streets. The kingdom was in shambles.

While King Cecil's kingdom faultered, King Kyle's kingdom flourished. Kyle spent more time using his abilities to advance his kingdom, like his father had. He founded an academy where many could learn. His kingdom was healthy and stable.

The names of these kingdoms had been named after their first kings: Kyle's kingdom became Kyel, Cecil's became Ciel.

Generations pasted, and the kingdom of Ciel became ever more unstable. Civil war broke out in the kingdom, causing it to be split even farther.

A revelutionary leader, named Jason Lysem, led three thousand of Ciel's best warriors against their tyrant king, the grandson of Cecil Arton. They tried to take the kingdom from the Arton king, claiming that they no longer had the right to the kingdom.

Matthew Arton, the current kind of Ciel, refused the hand over the kingdom to the rebels. But after years of fierce battles, he handed them a piece of the land. The people named this land, Lysem, after their leader and future king.

Years later, A king rised in Kyel. His name, was Ethan. His father, and his father's father, had worked tirelessly to raise the kingdom further and further beyond what the previous king had done. But nothing that they did could compare to what Ethan Arton had done.

Magic had died out since the days of Kyle Arton. Kyel lost the study of magic after King Kyle's death, and the death of his knights. But during his time at the school, Ethan learned more about his heritage. He learned the art of magic that was in his veins. It was a rare gift. When he tried to teach his friends how to perform the art, they failed.

Ethan became a great warrior in his adult years. He led the knights of Kyel against many different enemies. But nothing compared to his expedition to the north.

North of the Kyel mountains, lied a wasteland. Nobody knew what was beyond the mountains, but there were legends and myths. Some said that the great king, Kyle still lived there, waiting for his moment when he would return to his people. Some say that that was where people went when they died. But what Ethan had found was nothing compared to that.

To the north of the mountains, Ethan found an old temple. There, he found where his ancestor, King Kyle had been buried. This long forgotten tomb was also where the knights that had won the battle against King Cecil was buried.

But also in the tomb, was an ancient book. It held King Kyle's secret to his magical abilities. Ethan read the book and learned that magic was not a learned skill, as he had first thought, but an ability that is passed down through generations. Only those who descended from the knights, were able to wield this great power.

From that day forth, Ethan Arton set out to find those who had the ability to use magic. Eventually, by the time he had become king, he had found eight worthy men, and he reformed the order in which his forefather had began. They called themselves, the Knights of Order.

With the knights by his side, King Ethan led them against Ciel, they took the kingdom. Lynem, having been at war with Ciel for years as well, allied themselves with King Ethan. When all three kingdoms were united once again, it did not become the single kingdom as Ethan had hoped to form, but a strong empire. The people of all three kingdoms agreed upon King Ethan the Conquerer, being the first Emperor of Artonia.

Emperor Ethan ruled over the empire for years. When he died, he kept the old Artonian tradition of his eldest son taking his place. But like his forefather, Henry, he was betrayed by his son.

Civil war broke between the three Kingdoms. The Knights of Order attempted to keep the peace, but without a strong leader, the empire fell. The forth, neutral territory was lost in this epic war. It had been destroyed, turned to a wasteland.

The knights broke apart and eventually died out. Only few remain of this great order. They passed their knowledge down, through the generations. Hoping that one day, the knights would be restored.

The End

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