No more ties, no more liesMature

September 7, 2011 PM:

David peeked into Knight's room, seeing him force armor into a saddlebag.

"Hey, man, where you headed to this time?"

The big blond shrugged.  "West, I think."

"What kingdom is that?"

"West," Knight responded, yanking that saddlebag closed.  It bulged obscenely.  He lifted it and turned it around, then started loading clothes into the other saddlebag.  "If I don't come back in a week, rent the space."

"What?"  David came into the room.  "Wait.  You're not leaving, leaving, are you?"

He shrugged again.  "Got nothing to keep me here."

"Sure you do.  You have a job.  You have a roof over your head.  You've"

Knight turned and cocked an eyebrow.  "I've got Kristen?"  He shoved clothes hard into his bag.  "A stalking bitch that's been begging me to marry her for these past six months?"  His phone vibrated, as if on cue.  He took the phone and threw it hard against the wall.  It went right through the drywall.

"Shit, man!" 

Knight turned to David and then showed fangs.  "Leave."

David had seen Knight's incisors and claws before, only once, and he thought he was drunk when that happened.  But now it was true - and David backed out of the room.

Knight shut the door so hard the frame rattled.  He turned back to his room.  All his stuff would be tossed out, so he had to bring only what he could.

He touched the thong around his neck, the last thing his mother gave him.  A crystal to help him focus on changing, from human to cat and back again.  Never stay in the middle, she had admonished, never combine both human and cat, because humans will fear you and hunt you down. 

He refused the tears that threatened to form in his eyes.  Instead, he rolled up a couple of blankets and secured them with bungee cords.  He'd slept on the ground enough times to know what to bring, and what to expect.  But he was heading west...or south?  It was going to be winter here, so maybe south would be better.

He gathered his bags, his blankets, and sword, tucking them under his arm, and started to the door.

There was someone knocking on the door.  He looked heavenward.  "Shit," he hissed, and then yelled, "It's open."

The door opened, and a girl with auburn hair and glasses stood at the door.  "Knight!" she cried, and started toward him, then saw his hands were full, and he didn't look like he was making any move to drop anything.

"Hello, Kristen.  'Scuse me."

"Wait, where are you--"

"I'm tired of waiting and explaining," he said, rounding on her.  He loomed over her, his gray eyes boring into her blue ones.  "I'm leaving."

"But where?"

"Nowhere."  He started to walk out.

She stopped him again by pulling on his jacket.  "Take me with you."

"Oh, hell no," he said, and turned back to her.  "Hell no, you psychotic stalking bitch."

She stared at him, her hand still on his jacket.  He looked down at the hand on his jacket, and he tore away from her. 

It didn't take her long before she was out on the sidewalk, her mascara running from her tears, as she was screaming, "But Knight, I love you!  Don't leave me!"

Knight steeled himself and finished loading up the bike.  She grabbed a hold of him before he got on the bike. 

He shook her off like he would a fly, and mounted the bike.  "Touch me again, and I don't care if you are a girl, I'll fuckin' slap you."

She dropped to her knees and put her head in her hands.  Knight's heart was like steel, because he knew that she was just another tie to him.  He wanted no more ties.

"Goodbye," he said, knowing this wouldn't be the first time he'd say that.

The End

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