Esma: Part 3Mature

I stared into this man's eyes. This man that had gotten the better of me. This man that I'd taken captive and now had taken me captive. I looked at him and rethought his words.

Tell me you don't want me to fuck you.” He said, staring at me as intently as I was him. I didn't know what I wanted. My body said yes. My body told me to let this man take me and use me and abuse me. My body wanted him. My body wanted everything he had to give. And my body knew that it would feel pleasure beyond what I'd had before. But my mind hated the fact that this man knew exactly how to get me to say yes. I knew he couldn't cum. I knew he would fuck me until I was satisfied. But its the damn principal.

Fuck me.” I whispered, closing my eyes. I gasped. Again. Again. He filled me. Again. Again. Nothing felt so good. My pussy ached from my orgasm minutes before. My pussy ached when he pulled out to thrust back in. Again. Again. I moaned. He groaned. I could feel myself giving into him. He had me. And he knew it. I opened my eyes to see his labored smirk. I growled and clenched my pussy around him, making him falter and groan.

Kiss me, Knight. Kiss me and fuck me and I'll be yours..” I moaned involuntarily. I didn't know what was happening to me. But he kissed me. Passionately. And he fucked me. Passionately. I closed my eyes and let my mind go. Things flashed back into my head. The wolves were training me to be a bitch. To be used a fucktool and as a pup-maker. They had ingrained somewhere deep in me the love of being dominated.

Fuck me!” I screamed as I struggled against my rope. He reached around and let it go, fucking me harder than before.

You are fucking mine! My toy. My slut. My bitch.” He whispered in my ear and I couldn't take it anymore. A dam broke inside me and I moaned out, squeezing around him as I came several times in succession. He kept fucking me. Until finally.. he came into me, gushing and letting his own dam break inside of me. I gripped him to me and he held me back. Hours passed. Maybe only minutes. Then we both fell onto the bed and he fell beside me, gasping. I trembled. I ached. And.. I was happy. Fulfilled. I blinked a few times, then rolled over halfway onto him, laying my head on his chest.

You broke me, Knight. You broke the spell that seemed to hold me.. I was hellbent on revenge for my mother being raped. But I realize.. that was just one boy. And you are one man.” I purred as he ran his fingers down my back.

My name is Dante. I came her to capture a witch.. But it seems I saved a girl instead.” I knew he was smirking. I slowly closed my eyes.

Don't make me get you hard again. I don't think my pussy can handle it.” I let the last part out by accident. I closed my eyes, then added. “My name is Esma.”



Legends tell of the Knight and the Witch. They were two people from entirely different worlds. The Knight was from the world of the Court. Serving a King and serving his people. The Witch was from an underground world, driven by hate and revenge. Neither expected what happened and neither expected the other to capture them. But the Knight saved the girl deep inside the Witch and they became joined by the deep magics. Other legends tell that the Knight and the Witch had many children together. Each of which learned the world of both: magic and might. And each was more gentle and loving than the last. Until the last of their line. But that.. is a different story.

The End

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