Dante: Part 2Mature

I woke in a puddle of my cum and I realized I was free. The ropes were loose. I smirked and stood up silently. This was my fight now. I took a moment to orientate myself. I was in a room that had only a bed in it. There was the door that the witch left in. I pressed myself to the wall next to the door and tried to make myself as small as possible in the shadows that were available. I slowed my breathing in wait. I knew she'd come. I knew she'd check on me. And I'd be ready. It was one chance. My only chance. The door slammed open and she stepped inside. I didn't take the moment to ogle her. I jumped into action, I grabbed her arms and jerked them upward behind her and pushed her onto the bed. My surprise was her demise, so to speak. I straddle her lower back and held her down with my weight and held her hands and arms completely still. A second after realizing what happened, she struggled against me. I just smirked and easily kept her down. I leaned down to her ear.

You can't do magic without your hands, huh?” I whispered. She just angled her head towards me and smirked.

I have one power over you without my hands. But I won't tell you what that power is.” I narrowed my eyes and grabbed the rope and tied her wrists together securely. I turned her over and resettled her on the bed. I stood above her. And for the first time, again, I realized I was hard. She just smirked at me.

Good look curing that tiny little malady.” I just pushed her thighs apart using my hips and positioned myself easily. She was dripping wet and I could feel her pulsing, ready for me.

Tell me you don't want me to fuck you.” I said to her, staring into her eyes. I could see a glimmer. She was unsure. She was unsure.

The End

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