Esma: Part 2Mature

I laid on my bed, entirely nude and stroking my sex as I threw thought after thought into his mind. I knew that if I only said the word, he'd have release in an instant. What got me was how attractive this man was. None before him had been so attractive. And he didn't fight me when I'd be in there. It wasn't until afterward that he tried to get free. He couldn't, though. But this man turned me on in such ways. Several times, I caught his thoughts and he had fantasies that I didn't put there. That had certainly never happened before. I ran a finger around my clit and fought to control myself. I moved it faster, moaning quietly. My other hand plunged two fingers into my pussy, fingering myself. I imagined this man on top of me, fucking me with reckless abandon. But it was something I'd never let them do. I'd fuck them. I'd tease them. But they never had dominance. This man.. My fingers moved faster and my moans grew louder. I could feel it coming and I couldn't stop. One last stroke and I exploded in pleasure. I felt the man pass out, cumming streams as he did so, as I came and let control over him drift away. I closed my eyes, hands still on my sex, panting. I could barely move. Pleasure filled my every nook and cranny but I still wanted him. I still wanted. I jerked upward and scowled. How did this jackass male have such sway over me? It almost hurt me, the sway was so strong. He was just some knight, trying to capture a wicked witch. He didn't have any special powers. I stood up and pulled on a satin robe, not tying it but simply wearing it. I stalked to the door and jerked it open. I stepped into the room and it took me a long second to realize.. he wasn't there..

The End

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