Dante: Part 1Mature

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, wondering if I was truly ready for the task. Volunteering to capture the witch that terrorized the local villages by taking young men on this path wasn't exactly my best idea. But I'd heard rumors about woman that spotted her. They said she was beautiful and wild, with long flowing blonde hair and eyes that seemed to pierce your soul. I wanted to see her for myself. And if she was what everyone said she was, then good. And she wasn't, then I'd still get a hefty sum for capturing her. I finally opened my eyes and laid my hand on the handle of my sword, checking my leather armor one last time to make sure it was secure just in case she put up a fight. I took a step forward, then another, then suddenly my legs jerked out from under me and I was dragged ten feet away into brush. My last sight was the sun disappearing above me.

I woke up with a shock, gasping and sweating. At first, everything around me was black. Then I heard a laugh. It was sweet.. but it seemed to be laced with venom made of malice. She flashed into view and I was shocked still for more than a few seconds. It was the witch. But she was as the girls made her seem. Insanely beautiful. I just stared in amazement. She smirked and twirled a long strand of hair around her hair.

Well hello there, handsome.” She reached out and ran her nails down my check, causing a shiver to run down my spine. And it was then that I realized I was completely nude. And tied up. I looked at my arms, then legs. Ropes around my wrists and ankles held me suspended in the air. But the ropes weren’t tied to anything.. Her nails ran down my chest and I gasped.

I should have your attention, boy.” She growled in a low, but seductive voice. I'd romanced my fair share of maidens, but this was an evil vixen. I couldn't believe she still had her maidenhood. But the thought of finding out seemed to distract my mind.

Well.. I should have said man, then. You are quite big..” She seemed to blush as she looked down my body. I trembled. I'd gotten completely hard without realizing it. She ran her hands down and touched it, gently at first, but then grabbed it.

Don't get your hopes as high up as this thing is. You aren't going to be relieved. You are going to be tortured.” She moved closer and whispered to me. “I'm going to use you for my own pleasure. Then discard you like a play toy. Just like your kind did to my mother.” She dug her nails slightly into my hardness and I groaned in pain and intense pleasure. I felt like I could orgasm right there but something stopped me and it didn't seem nature. She laughed and let go, walking to the doorway.

That’s right. I cast a spell on your man parts down there. You can't cum no matter how much pleasure you feel. No matter how much you try. You can't cum until I tell you that you are allowed to. Which is never..” She laughed in such a venomous way that made me want her even more, for some reason. I struggled against the ropes as she disappeared behind a closing door. I pulled with all of my might, but couldn't break away. It seemed like hours later that I finally gave up. I sighed and looked down. It hadn't went down. I didn't know what to do. It was dominated my mind. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to rape her. I wanted to use her and abuse her and take everything she had to offer. But then, I wanted to make love to her. To impregnate her and to eat her out and taste her. I wanted to make her cum over and over until she wants to be my slave. My eyes went black again, maybe I closed them, but I don't remember. I just remember sexual scenarios playing over and over again in my head. From the depraved to my masturbatory fantasies, I saw it all. Finally, I blacked out.

The End

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