The morning after

I woke up feeling miserable and determined. Mostly miserable. I was trying to convince myself it was as Paul Anka would say " Puppy love" . I wasn't convinced. I had no proof in my favour but it didn't seem to matter.  Since the day was already in the crapper I decied to get up early and do housework. Not just normal house work the extra stuff. The stuff you normal put off or save for someone else.

I through on sweats and t-shirt. Then went into the kitchen. My mom was eating on the run. My father was reading the newspaper. He was pretending he wasn't in a rush. My mother gave me a quick squeeze and then went out the door. I sat accross from my father. I wanted to read the funnies. I ruffled through the pile until I found what I was looking for.

" Your mother left a cleaning list" My dad said from inside his newspaper.

I shrugged.

My father peaked from his hideaway. His eye brows raised. I wasn't a good actress so I didn't even try to hide my melcholy.

" How was your party?" He asked.

" It wasn't really my party but it was fine" I said

I decied to eat so I couldn't talk. I went to the cupboard and got out my favorite red bowl and a spoon. I absently filled my bowl with cereal until it went well past the rim. I bit back a curse and poured some back. I looked at the ceral bowl on the box and thought about all the health posters I'd seen lately about portion control. I probably shouldn't eat lunch after this but I probably would.

I slumped into the dinning room chair. I felt lazy. Cleaning would be torture today. I just wasn't in the mood. I stared at the milk accross the table. It seemed miles away. If only I had mind powers...I felt stupid holding out my hand. My palm was wide., my finger splayed apart, like I was Harry Houdini companding the unknown. I was only pretending but the carton started inching in my palm. As my shock grew the carton speed up and crashed into my palm. I gasped.

My father didn't look up from his newspaper. I felt like he should.That I should be caught in the act.  I looked around there was no witnesses. I don't know if I broke the laws of physics because I've never taken physics. But I was pretty sure I bent the laws.

" Did you meet any boys?'

" What?" I said absently

" Did you meet any boys at the party?"

I laughed" Like I'm going to tell you that'

All of a sudden I realized I was shaking the table. Adereanaline was pumping through me. It had no where to go so I guess it was pooling in my hands. My father's newspaper was raised so I guess he didn't notice the rattling. I moved my hands to my lap and watched the shaking slowly subside.

I've never been normal. But I've never been able to do...that.

The End

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