Bad news

 As usual no one was paying attention to the shy one. Everyone but Lily. Lily was watching our dalliance. But not through the eyes of a witness. Her eyes were critical which wasn't exactly new.But I was hopeful anyway.I leaned in closer so our bodies barely touched. But my face was turned away. My eyes looked away. Why now I wondered?

He pulled my face into his and kissed me. I felt lips and tongues moving but that was it. No emotions. Only physical submission. I couldn't even tell you what he tasted like.

Mike shouted " Get a room!"

I could feel his lips curl up and move away from me. My stranger muttered " Your suppose to kiss me back"

I smiled back at him and touched my lips. They still felt heavy.

I teased " Your suppose to wait"

" I can wait" He smiled.

And then I felt myself being pulled away. I looked at the face of my kid napper. It was Lily she dragged me into the bathroom. I was willing to play the prt of willing captive... but what did she want now?

" What are you doing?" Lily asked in her higher than thou tone

" You know what I was doing" I said folding my arms defiantly.

Lily looked at me and then at the unlocked door. She locked it. And stared at the bottom creavice of the door.

" He is bad news. You should find someone else" She said

" How do you know that?"

" He was all flirty with me and got all crazy when I wasn't interested"

" I'll take your advice to heart' I said slowly unfolding my arms.

"  Don't just say it do it." Lily said

" I'll do whatever I think is right"

I looked absently at my reflection until something caught my attention. My undivided attention. I was clenching my fists.

" Just do it" Lily gritted.

" I repeat I'll do whatever feels right to me" I gritted back,

" Whatever. Just don't do anything stupid. Some mistakes don't erase"

She slowly unlocked the door and ushered me out. I almost asked her why she even cared but then I realized i might not like the answer. I unclenched my hands and let them hang loose, casual. I bowed my head and crept to the front door. For the first time in my life I wanted to be alone.

The End

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