The Flirt

I watched him walk towards me. I felt eased. I wished I could like him. He was cute in a Pablo Picasso kind of way. He could have been a cubist painting. This eyes were to big for his face and kind of buggy. This lip too small and his nose was perfect. It just wasn't symeterical.

I watched him walk. The way a dream man should walk confident, powerful. It appeased the dreamer in me. He gave me a cocky smile. I gave him a shy one back.

" You don't like parties?" He asked

" How can you tell?" I asked.

" Don,t think I'm crazy but I've sort of been watching you all night. You sort of seemed to float on the outside looking for away inside"

I said nothing. I had no denial. No witty come back.

" Sorry, that was too personal. Sometimes I can be way to perceptive." He gave me a nervous grin.

" It's okay. I could have taken it better" I said.

He pushed his hair back nervously. It didn't fit with what I had seen early. I saw him swagger. Shy people don,t swagger. They don't know how.

" Did you come here alone?" He asked

" You know I did"

It wasn't fair for me to flirt like this. We could never be more than friends. But I didn't care. Cruelty was making me cruel. It was no excuse but I ran with it. I need some sort of comfort. I denied myelf for so long.

" I guess I did. I guess my question really is, are you single?" He asked

" Pathatically single" I sighed

"   Your too beautiful, too kind to ever be single. You must be hard to get. I'll have to work to get you. But I think it would be worth it." He said

I flashed a girly smile I'd seen Lily give once. His words were too sweet,too kind. I wondered what he wanted. I told the cynic in me to let it go.

I faned my flushed cheeks and said " Flattery will get you everywhere"

The End

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