Chapter I - IMature

Alaric was a normal teenager in the Darkmoon vale before his encounter with a mysterious woman in the woods, by saving her life he entangle himself in a conflict waging far from human eyes.

Chapter I: The Ranger
Part I

Alaric prowled the river side, meticulously analyzing the shore for tracks. it was common for animals to cross there as the river was shallow and narrower. He found many tracks, boars mainly but he hadn't brought a spear.

The day was fading fast and, the sun basking the vale in many shades of pink a reminder that the sky would soon be dark and the woods would no longer be safe, although they were mostly rumours, he knew the dangerous things that walked in the night...

He hadn't had any luck that day, his quarry had all escaped and he dreaded returning home empty handed for a third day in a row, he was about to abandon when he found what he was looking for. The difference was too small for most people to notice, but Alaric had been aspiring to be a ranger since his childhood, he had trained and learned from the best trackers the Dark Moon vale had to offer.

He began following the trail, heading eastward from there and away from the Abanaki river that flowed from the reservoir lake in the south to the veiled sea in the North. As he walked, the handle of his tomahawk tapped lightly against his right leg where it was secured to his belt by a steel ring. When he finally came upon the animal, a large buck with massive antlers peacefully grazing in a clearing, the sun's light was almost entirely faded, only a select few rays still piercing the sky.

Calmly, he grasped the recurved bow, nocking one of his arrow and aiming as he had been taught, raising the bow from the horizontal to the vertical position, aligning the shaft with his eye. Internally he spoke the blessings he had learned all those years ago, praying to the nameless goddess of the wilds as his forefathers had done for generations.

Huntress guide my hand,
let my arrow strike true, to feed my kin.
Humbly I ask for this sacrifice...
Onali ne vi ohm Anu.

Alaric had never learned what that least part meant, but he knew that prayers to the huntress always ended with the mantra.

He was about to loose the arrow when the animal raised it's head in an alert position. It began hopping away and he loosed the arrow, missing the beast by a few inches, the arrow instead hitting a nearby birch tree. A second later, he heard the a terrible groan fill the darkened clearing followed soon by a cry and the horrid moist sound of tearing.

Alaric wasn't sure what it was, but he knew he didn't want to stay and investigate. Carefully, he walked away heading to town, letting his bow rest on his back, gripping his other weapon securely, alert to every noise in the night beside that of bones snapping under a creatures' maw. Thankfully his way back was much quieter, filled only with the chirping of summer and soon he found himself basked in the safe light of town.

The End

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