The change encounter that is not a chance encounterMature

Waiting for a blind date at her place.



  The blonde haired gentleman was patiently awaiting for this girl to appear, he knew nothing about her. He had been waiting or her. Well, ot exactly nothing, e knew her name, and how she would be dressed.

A friend of his recommended her to him, who she was he did not know? Side from her name, her dress would have a plunging neck line, it would have a thigh length skirt to go along with it.

He stood there, beside his porshe. He knew nothing about her.Looked at his watch, why was he standing here in front of this house.  He wondered if this was where she lived. ‘It had to be!, he thought, h aving her number, he drew up his cell phone to call her.

“nicee here!” a sensual voice said into his ear.

“Hi, I am Bri.”Brian told her, the bottle of wine he prayed would be still cold hen they got to the house he rented for the week end.

“I suggested to met me at three, Bri.” She said sounding a little miffled/

“It 3 fifteen.” Brian cautioned.

“Can not be.” She suggested,

“Well it is?” he said again to tell her.

“Give me a sec? My watch says it’s four.”

“We lose an hour, remember it is falling back an hour, as this is falls”

“What?” Nicee screams as he sees the curtain open so someone could see him he supposed/

“I waited, an hour and gave up with you coming!” she declared, scrambaling out the door She did not look anything like what he had been lead o believe.

   “She looked cute, but not what he had been told she would look like. Todd lied to him.fIgured as much She was dark skinned, she has a great deal for jugs. He liked the looks of colored people, found them to be mysterious.

    She was wearing slacks that were beige in color, she was wearing a T. She had hueg hoop earings in her ears. She smiled at hm.  He was dressed in a suit, so he was not happy about any of this.On her shoulder was a backpack.

 She shook his hand, like he was just someone who was being introduced to.him did know what to make of her. he stood there looking at her. She dropped her other hand on his shoulder to draw him into her full red lips. She sunk her tongue into his mouth, she caressed his tongue with hers

He looked like he was devastated by her. She stepped back, to allow him to open the door for her. “What’s in the bag?”

“That is what i want to show you” Nicee stated as she patted his butt.

He jumped. She smiled as she grabbed him by the tie to drew him in her again. Issed him againd.C

He slipped a hand under her T, to feel her breasts and found that they were indeed real/ He liked that. What she offer him, now had him forgetting about he wait. She was a might older than him, if eh was to judge her by her looks . 

“You are being naughty, and I mean naughty” Nicee suggests ss she wagged a finger at him  in protest,  There was a hint of snarcasm in her voice,”I do like naughty boys.”

He climbed back inside the car to drive his rented house, it is a secluded place, near the water. Patrick gave him the keys to his place, when he heard the name NIcee being bounced around.

Patrick winked at him and said,You are lucky to be going with her. Lucky dog”

He smiled, he was going to be with her. He smelled the scent of a rose in the air as theuy drove into the wood. The road was a dirt road.  Patrick was a heavy in the arena of lover boy.


Nicee smiled as she saw the estate, it was fortunatw that iit was summer he thought as he saw her looking it over. He parked he car she stepped out of the car to walk up to the house.

The End

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