The Kiss

As always I was a voyeur. I watched her. I couldn't take my eyes of her. As usual no one noticed my presecence. I watched Lily flip her long brown hair. Every moment every second was a shampoo commercial for her. I wasn't envious much. It was more like I wanted to be the one who got to run my fingers through her hair.

She laughed and hanged off the boys shoulders. Ryan and Michael were there names .They were football players. Our football team was supposedly doing very well. A lot of people were impressed by that.

I didn't even know why I was here. I hated parties. I hated drunk people. I hated top fourty music. Most of all I hated what I was doing to myself.

I turned away. I didn't need to watch, to see how the scene would unfold. Lily never slept around. She would kiss and tell but Lily never slept around with boys. I couldn't believe I was still pinning for her. Stupid.

It was summer camp. We were both twelve. I was the only girl with out a training bra. Lily was he only girl with out a self esteem problem. Boys were constantly bugging us. We hung out together just to survive. Then came the farewell camp dance we snuck out to avoid the angst. We walked along the beach, hand and hand like lovers do. She told me she didn't feel like a pervert. I agreed with her, I didn't feel dirty either.She told me she stopped stuffing her bra after we met.

 We sat and dug our feet in the sand. After a long silence I asked her if it was wrong to want to kiss her. She said no ,it felt very right. For the first time I kissed someone. It was short and sweet and we giggled afterwards. Like all young people we made a promise to forever and always be together.

We both started at the same junior high. But Lily was a different person in the real world. She had a sheild of arrogance. I had seen it and had broken through it at camp but in the real world it was inviciable. Lily wore many masks, more shields. There was popular Lily, Flirty Lily, Sexy Lily, Pretty Lily but I never once saw Dreamer Lily. Dreamer Lily was dead.

The End

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