CHAPTER ONE ~ The Queen's Bridge

The carriage squeezed through the narrow streets of the District of the Crescents, and had crossed the Queen’s Bridge in a matter of minutes. One of the four bridges of the City of Carmun, the Queen’s Bridge was the nearest of the four to the Castle. It was also the most recently built, dating from the time of King Duaryth and Queen Taspeth’s marriage some fifteen years ago.

During the months of their engagement, when the then Princess Taspeth visited her fiancé in Carmun often, and Duaryth returned the favour by visiting her in Antandan twice as often, the small grassy promontory overlooking the river had been Taspeth’s favourite spot in which to spend her leisure. Shortly after the wedding, a party and budget had been gathered and a construction designed for the legendary Bridge.

The small grassy promontory where Queen Taspeth had once sat and daydreamed was gone, replaced by a busy road leading from the new Bridge, but the Queen, being a practised member of the royal family, and so well-furnished in the beauties of tact, had thanked her new subjects gracefully.

Now the Queen was dead, and she could no longer so much as glance with regret at the place which had once been her own small grassy promontory.

The End

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