PROLOGUE ~ Blessed with Peace

There has never been war in the Kingdom of Carmun, which is a peace-making nation well-regarded by those countries with whom it shares a border.

There is a neighbouring kingdom, if ‘kingdom’ it can be called, to the West. Cowl has recently undergone a workers’ revolution, and King Raph is known to be in hiding; meanwhile, there is dangerous ‘radical’ talk going on about democracies and prime ministers. Master Rispalt, a promising and talented orator and politician, is said to be a certainty for the post of chief bailiff in later years, though the head of the ‘secret’ Labour Party of Cowl, Master Ghaphi, is rumoured to be twice as effective and yet mind-bendingly jealous of his junior.

But that is all irrelevant. The Kingdom of Carmun is as blessed with peace as Cowl is immersed in chaos. For there has never been war in the Kingdom of Carmun, courtesy of its untiring conciliatory efforts—or, perhaps, courtesy of the ring of mountains at the border; no army can successfully brave the treacherous masses.

There is another nation, nearby, named Antandan, with whom Carmun is on excellent terms. Indeed, Queen Taspeth is the only niece of King Bargad of Antandan, and Prince Padryth would have been heir to both thrones even if the two kings had not intended his small puppy-fatted hand for the slender-skinned one of Princess Susali of Antandan.

The End

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