PROLOGUE ~ The Golden Reign

King Duaryth VI enacts upon his Queen's dying wish.
Fifteen years pass.
...And the humming grows stronger...

Peace reigns supreme in the Kingdom of Carmun. The King is well, the people are content, and the valleys are as green as green as green. The Fountains are flowing, the Crescents are rolling, and the Rings are as eternal as the harmony of the world’s most beauteous realm.

The City of Carmun rests in the very centre of the Kingdom, and at the very heart stands the Castle of Six Candles, where King Duaryth and his Queen and his sons live together under six tall roofs as red as red as red.

The City is encompassed by a pale stone wall, thick and twelve feet in height; a shallow grass bank on the inside is adroitly flanked by a deep stream. At three places the bank falls away to the Rushis River as it sweeps on its swift way across the land and out into the country.

The ground rises steadily from the hollow in which the City sits, and fragrant hills and verdant dales speckled with antiquated farming villages fabricate a gentle gradient from the temperate low-lands to perilous precipices and distinguished peaks. A halo of magnificent mountains crowns the Kingdom, endorsing the peace of the Golden Reign of His Majesty King Duaryth VI.

The End

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