Just A Social CallMature

Malcolm watched 'Knight' walk away to park his bike. An aficionado of the male form, particularly the posterior, he dropped his gaze to the man's rear-end and felt rewarded by the sight of one that was full and firm.

I could do a great good deal with that, he thought as he imagined himself working on such a derriere and was physically stirred by such a thought. After their brief interaction, he could tell that the blonde biker was attracted to him, at least physically. They were clearly from very different worlds, though, so they would probably not work on any level besides the physical.

And as he contemplated the possibilities of their entanglement, he noticed the look lingering on Dylan's face and suppressed a sigh. He was intimately familiar with the longing and infatuation that was stamped on the young man's expression. He'd long before learned to smooth it from his own face. So while he was sure it couldn't be read on him, he wasn't certain whether or not he felt anything besides lust for the newest arrival.

In the meantime, the tiger lord had turned his attention to the details of his surroundings, assessing and clearly planning improvements.

"So what brings you here, Malcolm, or is it a social visit?" he asked of the Eros, starting idle chat as a gracious host, as ever.

And in a quick flash of intuition, Malcolm realized he'd played the flirt perhaps a bit too hard with Knight and it would be unseemly for him to broach the subject of Rak's son with him at that very moment. So he demured, waving his hand as if to wave off any concerns.

"Just a social call," he said airily, then asked in a more serious tone, "Have you met the Alpha wolf yet?"

The tiger king returned his regard to their environs, clearly picturing a koi pond here, a rock garden there, perhaps even a small wooden bridge over a hand-made stream.

"I have not met Xavier yet though Gev and I are old friends," Rak rumbled as they both heard Knight approaching again, Dylan having stayed silent during their exchanged.

"He is..." Mal began as he looked up at the cedar entry gate, again enjoying the sight of the burly blonde biker, not quite just speaking of the lupine leader anymore, "...quite an experience to have."

The End

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