Enter ErosMature

Knight gazed at the man with the snow white hair, frosty blue eyes, and tailored suit and thought two things in succession.  Yeah, I'd do him, and Ain't he just a dandy?

"Lord Rakshasa?" Knight asked.  "Rak's inside there, yeah."

Then someone came up to them, carrying bags of groceries.  He looked between the two men and uttered, "Uh, excuse me," and walked between the two men, to go inside the pagoda.  The two men looked at each other, both shrugged and the man in the suit went in first.  Knight wheeled Kitty through the door and passed in front of the pond area.  He heard voices coming from the kitchen.

"I have to mate with him?" came a voice.

Knight stopped short, and parked the bike outside of the apartment house instead of wheeling it to the back.

"Don't worry," said the man who called Rakshasa a lord.  "I won't Claim you."

"Can I do it now?"


Said Rakshasa with a low chuckle in his voice, "I think Malcolm has a pretty hectic schedule."

Knight entered the room at this point, looking from the suit to the kid who had come into the pagoda with the bags.  The other young man had disappeared.

"I don't even know your name, child," said Malcolm, looking at the kid.

Knight's opinion of him changed a bit.  Asshole.

"I don't know how this even works," said the kid. 

Knight offered, "Ya put the stick in the hole, kid.  It ain' rocket science."

Rakshasa laughed, but the other two did not.  The kid, on the verge of tears, whirled on Knight.  "I just became a were-tiger thing!  I don't even know what an Eros is!"

Malcolm said, in a kind voice, "Drew, are you familiar with the Greek god Eros?"

"Yah," he said.

"I teach you how to have sex without killing your partner."

"I don't want to kill anyone!"

"Don't worry, Drew.  That's what the training is for.  Essentially, when you orgasm, your Beast will take over and you'll think to try to kill me...and fail utterly."

Drew hung his head down, and Rakshasa turned to Knight. "If you stay, we have room."

Malcolm turned to Knight.  "What's your name, child."

"Child?"  Knight grunted.  The nerve.  He didn't look much older than he himself was, probably early thirties.  "Jus' Knight'll do."

"Oh.  Running from something, are we?"

"Runnin' to a lotta things," Knight said, looking at him sideways. 

Meanwhile, Drew was saying, "I don't want to hurt anyone.  Just tell me what to do."

Malcolm returned his attention to Drew.  "Right now it's simple.  Don't have sex.  Lord Raksasha, you should order him appropriately."

Knight turned to leave, to park his bike properly.  There was silence in the room as he started to leave, all eyes on his back, he could feel it.  Then Malcolm said, "Hm.  Biker.  Nice."

Knight paused at the door and chuckled.  "Yeah.  I've heard that b'fore."

"I'm sure you have."

"Gotta go park Kitty.  I'm sure y' got Eros talk ya need t' do."

"Something like that," Malcolm said, and when Knight turned around, he could almost feel heat coming from that gaze. 

Yeah, he thought again.  Asshole or notI'd do him. 

Then he saw Drew with lidded eyes, looking at him obliquely.  Shit.

The End

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