First EncounterMature

Malcolm King, as an ally and local werecat (snow leopard to be exact), was visiting King Rakshasa's Pagoda to discuss business regarding the King's adopted son, Harimau.

During their time in the area, the Young Tiger and he had developed a mutual attraction for one another. Hari, as Mal liked to think of him, was young and very martial-oriented, as a werecat prince should be. He was strong and proud and had a beautiful white pelt with black stripes.

He also differed from his father in that he was not sabre-toothed, for which Malcolm was relieved. He could withstand and heal from being bitten by such large teeth, but because one could do a thing, it didn't necessarily follow that one wished to do it.

Also, being that Hari hadn't been...intimate with anyone before, it fell to Mal to train him in order for him to be of no risk, should he choose to mate with a non-were.

Since Harimau equated monogamy with honor, he wished for them to be exclusive after their training tryst but such could not be. Malcolm was an Eros, trained to control the inner beasts of his partners and a valued member of werecat society.

Also, Mal was Claimed as a mate by his own king as well as his king's mate, a werewolf that treated Mal like a pet. It was very irritating. He would have words with the Alpha werewolf.

And just as he was thinking over these recent...complications, he ran into a tall, broad blonde man that instantly reminded him of a mix between 'Renegade' Lorenzo Lamas mixed with Chris Hemsworth on sexy crack.

So he did what he always did, putting on his best, most mysterious smile as he took off his aviator glasses and flashed his frost-blue eyes. He knew he cut a dapper figure in his custom tailored gray suit-vest over a white collared shirt that was cut to compliment his broad shoulders and narrow waist. His matching gray slacks were just tight enough in the back and through the thigh to show off his glutes but not be vulgar about it.

"Hello," his voice was warm and just interested enough to be flirty while not being overt, "I'm Malcolm King...but all my friends call me Mal. Have you seen King Rakshasa about?"

The End

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