A few days previously, in the hospital...

Allen sighed. He couldn't believe that he had gotten himself into this, bu the knew that they both got what they deserved. But the things that Morgan had said. . . .he could still hear the words now, the ones that he had said before the final blow. You were left alone, Allen, and you will always be alone. Petra never loved you, and you will never really have her! The only reason she was with you is because she thought it to be a fairy tale! You are nothing, Allen!  

Nothing? Petra never loved him? Allen pounded his fist on the small table, knocking over his drink. He cursed. The last thing he remembered seeing was Petra. She had helped him, told him to go to the hospital.

"Mr. DuPoin?" it was the docter. Phew. "You have four bruised ribs, and a slight concussion. It isn't as bad as it could be. You should be thankful that fellow didn't seriously injure you." "When will I be able to leave, Doc?" "I'm just getting to that. We can give you some painkillers to take with you, they'll help ease the pain in you ribs at least partailly. By the look of your records, you can't have very heavy stuff often. Your autoimmune system has problems with heavier midicines, correct?" "Yes, that's correct." Allen gritted his teeth. "You should rest up for a few days, but don't do anything excessive at work for a while. If you hurt youself again you could break a rib. If you feel comfortable, you could stay overnight in case of any serious pain in yoru ribs." A nurse approached with his jacket, which looked like it needed to go to the drycleaners. Great, on top of it all he'd have to get his best jacket drycleaned.

"What can you do about the concussion?" "Not that much. It should go away in eight weeks or so. Speaking of which, I want you to coem back in eight weeks so we can see how your ribs and your head are doing. The appointment is booked eight weeks from tomorrow at 2 pm." "Thanks, Doc." Allen rose and shook the doctor's hand. "You've been one hell of a help." the doctor nodded, and the nurse handed him his jacket, which he slung over one shoulder. "Thanks, lady." the nurse nodded. Allen walked out of the emergeny ward, out of the hospital.

The End

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