Earlier, when Allen left the hospital...

Pushing through the revolving doors of the hospital, Allen tood a deep breath of fresh air. It felt good to be out of that place, away from the smell of antiseptic and bleach. he was still sore of course, but at least there was no lasting damage done. He knew Morgan had been more than willing to kill him, but thank God he hadn't. As for Morgan, what was to be done about him? He was dangerous, and if he got near Petra who knows what he would do.

If his temper got the better of him again, who knows what could happen. No, he couldn't just leave Morgan free. He'd have to get the police.

Allen turned and started making his way down the street. The police station was a few blocks away from the hospital, but he doubted he'd need a taxi. Pushing his way through the thronging crowds, trying to keep them from damaging his already badly bruised ribs, he finally made it to the door of the police station. There was no-one else there, and only a solitary policeman sat at the desk at the far end of the room behind a panel of glass. He looked exceedinly bored and looked up attentively when Allen approached him.

"What can I do for you sir?"

Allen cleared his throat, "I, I was hoping if you could help me. A few days ago, there was a bit of trouble between me and another man called Morgan, sorry I can't remember his last name. We had a bit of an arguement and as a result we came to blows. I only just left the hospital, and I'm worried that he might attack... someone else."

When he had finished speaking, Allen felt strangely guilty. He shook the feeling away, why should he feel guilty about this. Morgan deserved it, and if he hurt Petra, or anyone else, Allen would never forgive himself. No, it had to be done.

"Could you give me a description of the man please?"

"He's around 6ft, tall, with dark skin and brown eyes. His hair's black and he cuts it short. I think he's in his late thirties or early forties."

"Uh huh," said the cop as he scribbled the details onto a piece of paper, "and you say he attacked you?"

"Yes, he bruised my ribs quite badly but thankfully nothing worse."

"Do you know his address?"

"No, I don't" said Allen.

"Very well," said the officer, "that will be all sir, I think we can track him down. We've had other complaints about a man who matches this description. Thank you, have a nice day."

As Allen left the station, he felt a pang of regret. Was this really necessary? Did Morgan really deserve to be locked up? Yes, he told himself, he did. That temper of his is too volatile to do anyone any good. He must be dealt with. But what had the officer meant by "other complaints" about him? Surely he hadn't been causing any more trouble? Who knows, thought Allen, I wouldn't put it past Morgan to do anything.

The End

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