Welcome to a new world, even if for a few minutes.

The last thing I wanted to do was to hurt someone, but as I watched the double edged sword pierce her body I knew I had failed. As if in slow motion, she fell in the heart of the battle, her thick armor falling off her shoulders, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. She landed like a princess should, gracefully, before the blood dripped from her mouth and her head turned to the side in defeat.

I felt numb as her eyes glistened with shock and sadness. The greatest Tia that would ever live, whom was graced with the power of courage and strength, had died. In that roaring battle she died for her people, and when she had, my heart shattered into a thousand pieces, slicing every feeling, every emotion, that I had ever felt in my entire life.

Her eyes blinked before they finally lost all thought of presence and past. I wanted to be with her, I promised that she wouldn't die alone. She had. I should have felt rage, but the truth had yet to sink in. As I sit and remember the moment she was ripped out of my arms, I recall the few days that evil would reign terror after her tragic passing; the cities, people would be rapped, slaughtered and finally disposed off in large, heaping fires. The fight against evil had been lost and the city had been disbanded.

And I was on the run.

The End

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