An Old Friend

Chapter Planning:

Introduction to Chief Adviser, Adviser to the Military and Adviser to the Economy.

Bitter discussion about the King's popularity and health.

Chief Adviser meets an old friend who studies the magical arts in the wilderness and tells his findings.

Formulates an idea for the kings assassination

A conspiracy - Plan at the secret meeting of advisers.

Chapter - An Old Friend

"Ahh" Sighed the Adviser to the Economy, his gaunt face somewhat ghostly in the flickering candle light from the lanterns that lined the walls of the Advisers Hall.

"The problem is that the people love him. He could never step out of place or put a toe over the line even if he lost his mind and started throwing toads at everyone."

A slight chuckle came from the high leather chair opposite him before the sound echoed into silence.

"You're being your usual reserved self I see Adviser to the Military. I don't suppose you have any thoughts on the subject."

A deep voice came from the chair opposite. It commanded authority whilst remaining almost at a whispering level. It was the sort of voice that you wouldn't trust if you heard it behind you in the dark.

"If I were to have thoughts, I would be a fool to utter them here. You'd be wise to remember that."

The Adviser to the Economy reached his hand over to the finely finished oak table to pick up his goblet when he noticed a figure walking through the entrance. The figure wore a long, flowing royal blue robe which faded to black around his feet. As he passed each lantern the Adviser to the Economy saw the glint of silver hanging from a chain around the figures neck and immediately

"Gentleman, please, remain in your seats. There's no need to show your dedication here." Said the voice of the Chief Adviser as the doors at the entrance shut quietly behind him.

The two of them placed themselves back in the chairs and the Chief Adviser pulled up a third to round out table. There was a pause which the Chief Adviser broke.

"I sense from the silence you were talking previously about our King were you not. In a less than favourable light too I would guess. Not to worry gentlemen as you know it also plays on my mind. The nation needs a leader that is unquestioned by it's people but a happy people are not a happy Kingdom."

Murmurs of agreement sounded from the others around the table and so the Chief Adviser continued.

"If the people are happy then there is no advance in civilisation. After all, what have the people got to work for if the people can't see anything wrong. They are blinded by their love for the King". The Chief Adviser ended with a bitterness in his voice at the end. 

"And what happens when a ruler from across the seas or a mystery from the mountains start looking for more to rule. It's only a matter of time. The people believe they are safe only because it hasn't happened, not because they are well defended." The Adviser to the Military added.

The End

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