A New Beginning

“Wake up Daeron! You're Father's in the boat waiting for you.”

“Ok Mother” Daeron grumbled as his got up, struggling to open his eyes.

It had been such an eventful night, it was his Uncle's leaving party. Two days from now he was to leave for the Millharound Mountains which he'd always wanted to explore. The Mountains were a dangerous place to be with rumours of ancient creatures which dwelt there, both incredible and deadly. Although not many believed the old stories now there was still enough superstition to prevent people from making the long trip.  Daeron's uncle however, was hardy and explored many far off lands, usually coming with with nothing more for the storytellers than a few rough nights and a small village where he met a woman.

Daeron pulled on his work clothes, a pair of old brown trousers with matching rough jumper. He and his Father were fishermen. Getting up at sunrise to sail out of the harbour to the schools of fish, cast their nets and watch the day dawn over the shimmering water. It wasn't a glamorous job but the village needed them so they were well respected. 

By the time Daeron got down to the boat the pale light of dawn was passing to be replaced by brilliant sunlight.

“Come on, come on! You're late and the fish will have swam out beyond the reefs if we don't hurry.”

“Sorry Father, I came as quick as I could  once Mother woke me.”

Daeron's father, Gilian, was usually quite laid back but the one thing he took deadly seriously was fishing. He was a stout man that looked very much like Daeron. Older and wiser perhaps, the muscles in his arms showed the years of pulling in heavy nets full of fish. Although the work was hard and odorous, Daeron never got tired of watching the day dawn over his home town of Portula. It was a small town of not more than 200 people enclosed by a small stone wall to protect against the wild beasts. From the water Daeron could see the entire town, from the highest house where the Town Leader, Bosou, lived, to the tavern where his Uncle's leaving party had been held, right down to little shacks on the shoreline where the fish were stored.

Gilian cast away and they sailed a little way out from the harbour to where, through many years experience, the fish were in the early morning. About half a mile out at sea there ran a reef in crescent shape for miles in either direction with it's highest points just visible when the tide was low. It's the main reason why the town was not often attacked by sea because the naval ships where too deep in the water and the crews often had very little knowledge of the peril beneath them. Fish also were in abundance there especially during the warmer seasons.

Four hours passed before they came back to shore, boat heavily laden with fish.

“We've done well today my boy! Three nets full to burst. Now you take them up to the store, I'll tie off the boat. I want a word with Bosou before we take these to market. There's someone in this town, a child scoundrel not doubt, who keeps helping themselves to our produce in the market without paying for it.”

Daeron smiled to himself, knowing that it could only be one of three people in the town.

“Well I'm sure they won't continue much longer, whoever they are.”

The End

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