The Kingdom - Prologue

An adventure story about a journey of one character which leads up to the prologue and beyond.

The King sat on his throne contemplating what it would feel like to die.

“Will it hurt? Will it be quick? Do the Gods think that my reign over the Kingdom of my forefathers has been sufficient to earn a place by their side?”He thought as the sounds of his inevitable demise drew closer.

A soldier, whose once shining silver armour was stained with a mixture of mud and blood, entered the Hall. He took off his helmet to reveal matted dark brown hair and a well-kept moustache. His eyes were those which had a depth, eyes which had seen the true horrors of war over many years of service through the ranks.

“General Scorp.” Acknowledged the King.

“Tell me, what news do you bring?”

The General stood to attention, refusing to let his emotions get the better of him.

“My King, the enemy has overcome all our defences and has breached the city wall. We have no remaining ships and our numbers on foot are dwindling. Those that are left alive have regrouped before the Royal Fort and all heavy artillery has been lined up along the lower parapets. Moral has been destroyed my Lord.”

He paused for time awaiting the King’s response. The King however said nothing so he continued, although he felt his own last vestige of hope fade.

“The men would find a new strength if they were to see that of which they are fighting for my Lord. To know that they will not lose their lives in vein, rather die defending the life of what they believe in.”

The Kings expression did not change.

“Thank you General.  That will be all.”

As General Scorp turned to leave the frustration that had been building over the time he had served directly under the King came to the surface. He stopped with his back to the King.

“Very well, if you will not show them freely then I will force you too.”

He put his helmet back on and unsheathed his sword, pointing it directly at the King.

“All these years I’ve seen you do nothing as our enemies have destroyed the towns and villages of this Kingdom.”

He started to walk towards the King on his Throne.

“Watched as men, women and children have been brutally murdered with no one to defend them. Well this is where I draw the line King Furvaiva. You will show yourself so all can see what we have died to save!”

He was now just five paces away, almost within striking distance, an uncontrollable crazed rage now in his voice. King Furvaiva, eyes wide open, look right through the General, still in silence but fear across his face.

“If it wasn’t that it was bonded to you, I would just take it. Show the soldiers the great…!”

General Scorp fell to the floor, his frozen face destined to be in a state of rage for eternity. As he fell, three figures revealed themselves from shadows which previously had not existed.


The first two were cloaked head to toe in a fine black material which had many layers and on their chest was the golden outline of an eagle with a mouse in its claws, wings open wide. The King could not see their faces behind the layers of material. All that could be seen was their withered hands, skeletal like, a perfect pale white. Behind them was a tall slender man who gave the air of authority and royalty like no other King Furvaiva had encountered. The two cloaked figures parted and stood either side of the King and the third man walked right up him and whispered.

“It’s over; you have no-one left to defend you…” He glanced at what the King was holding tightly in his arms like a new born baby.

“…or that. So, we have a deal for you.”

The End

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