Anna closed her eyes, skeptical but not wanting to be forced into the storm. And then she saw it, the yellow table, the baby blue chairs and the brilliant red fire place....."what.....this was......."

The old woman laughed "you can only see it if you wish to see it, those who do not simply need to think of it"


"The imagination is a powerfull thing my dear, very powerful indeed"

Anna once again looked around the room, the colours overwhelmed her, it was exactly what she would have done to her house, it was adventurous, it was daring, it was Anna.

"You may sleep here tonight Anna, I have a spare room to the left of that door"

"how did you know my name?" Anna tried to sound strong

"I know much more than that my dear, you'd be suprised at what I can do"

Anna's eyes widened as she realised what the old woman was.......

The End

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