The killer roller coaster

One hot  , sunny day  alex was in her house playing with becca her mate. Alex and becca where goning to an amusement park today alex and becca where dead exited to go they were goning at 2 oclock. It was time to go and alex , becca got into the car the car was hot and stuffy they had to sit in the scorching car for 2 hours and a half. Eventually they got  there. Alex wanted to go on to the killer roller coaster and so did becca... So they went on it it stood 2km in the air and that is high alex thourght and she was right it was very high so they went on it ..... Becca  fell off because it gose upside down and she was not  fasted in and so she fell out of the roller coaster but did she die?. A few days later alex was walking down the road from the shop......

The End

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