Last breath

On April 23rd the head copper called me into his office, "we've got a bit of a crisis on our hands Emily", he told me, "We need you to check on all the prisoners in wing B". I left his room with sweat pouring down my face and headed onto the yard. Picked up a skipping rope and headed to cell B45.

 I unlocked the steel door and made my way into the dimly lit cell. He looked up at me as I locked us both in and smirked. "hey Dollface, how's your sister?"                               

"you would know I said, you're the murdering pig who left her to rot in that shallow grave!"

"You got me all wrong! I loved Alice really I did but she was just so annnoying so that's why I ended her and made her number six"

"like you'll be number one?" I replied coldly.


He never got further, before he had chance to think the rope was around his neck.

I didn't think of much in those short few seconds apart from one thing, Alice. The court had said when ever he buried someone he draped an American flag over them and saluted, I guess that's why he was called saluting Sam. 

Sam made a spluttering noise and his lips started to go blue, if he had the breath left I knew he would've fought me but he didn't.

When the last breath left his lips I dropped the rope and faced his body.   Lfted my hand to my head and saluted.

Salute back to that Sam I said and left.

The End

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