The killer of my sister

when her sister is killed by a criminal emily takes the law onto her own hands
If this story has any reference to people living or dead it is not by intention the characters were of my own creation

I never wanted to work in a high security prison, i guess I just never had any reason not to. Ever since Alice died nothings been the same. Alice is or should I say was my twin sister, we were so close, would never let anything get in the middle of us. That all changed when he came into our lives.  Sam Lloyd-Taylor. He was in the army, so as you can imagine he was big and strong and swept Alice off her feet in no time at all.  I was happy for her I really was but there was just something about him I didn't like. It wouldn't have mattered if I'd told her though, she would've just thought I was being daft, being too much of a  big sister. Next thing I knew  she was engaged and pregnant with his child. For two years she was happy until about a month before her child was due to be born. She just went missing. This was not like her, she loved Sam, was a complete home girl and her baby was due to be born pretty soon. After a few months everybody gave up hope of ever finding Alice. Then one day there was a knock on our door. The police came and told us they'd found Alice, she was burried in a shallow grave at the back of Sam's house. That was the day I swore vengence on Sam.

The End

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