Chapter 1: Nataly ScottMature

Two abused women are ready to do something drastic to change their lives, when they are saved from themselves... and jail time.

A collaboration between @Fitzy and myself

Chapter 1: Nataly Scott

I step out of my private limo onto the concrete ground, pulling on my shades. The happy sun rays does nothing for my sour mood.

“Mrs. Scott, your brother shall be arriving in about two minutes time. I have rescheduled today’s meeting to tomorrow,” Tracy, my assistant said.

I light up my cigarette and check my email on my iPhone. “Tracy, how long have you been working for me?”

“Th…three months, ma’am,” she stuttered.

“And how did I tell you address me,” I asked her.

“Ma’am or Miss Scott, ma’am,” she answered.

I smile. “Good. If I hear you call me, Mrs. Scott, just once more you will be out of the job. You understand?”

She hangs her head. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Now, while we wait, what’s happening at my parents’ company?” I asked her.

She proceeds to explain. I listen only partially because I watch my half-brother stride over with confidence.

“Hey, Nat!” Kyle exclaimed.

“Hey, Kyle,” I replied. “We need to go visit our parents at their company. Their orders.”

He stops smiling. “I just had an eight hour flight.”

We get into the limo with Tracy sitting down next to the driver.

“So? Can I stay with you and your husband while I look for a place?” Kyle asked.

Shivers runs down my spine.

“You told me that your husband is amazing in your letters. I don’t think he’ll mind,” Kyle added after I didn’t reply. “I know that you’re still peeved that I’ve missed your wedding three years ago and didn’t visit once, but you know how international business is.”

“Now, it’s not a good time,” I told him. “Mark is so busy that you won’t be able to sleep. I think you staying at our dad’s is best.”

Kyle narrows his gaze at me. “I will get to meet this Mark, right?”

“Of course,” I replied with a smile. I rub my bruise that is under my chest. “Of course.”


I was making my rounds through the sea of company owners and CEO’s. I watched closely Kyle’s movements and sometimes sent over the men to talk to him when he was getting closer to Mark.

“Mrs. Scott. It is a pleasure to see you here, today. You look lovely as always. By chance have you seen your husband?” The question was asked by Mr. Hollenbeck, a CEO of a computer company.

I take a sip of the red wine and smile at Mr. Hollenbeck. “Mr. Hollenbeck, it is a pleasure to see you again, as well. My husband is making his rounds and I have lost sight of him. I apologize.”

His laugh is warm. “Then, how about a dance, Mrs. Scott?”

I laugh, too. “Only if you call me, Nataly, Mrs. Scott is too formal.”

“Deal,” he replied with a wink and puts out his arm for me to hold onto.

We leave our wine glasses at a small high table and go dance to the classical musical where some other CEO’s were dancing.

Let me tell you. For a fifty year old man, he knows how to waltz.

We talked about the rain that was falling outside, about the market, and about him traveling to Japan for meetings. We ended up dancing to two songs before my husband interrupted us. Before he started talking to Mr. Hollenbeck, he glared at me and I excused myself thanking Mr. Hollenbeck for a terrific company.

After another half hour of mingling, my husband comes up to me and drags me into the hallway. I almost spill some wine upon stepping over the threshold to the hallway. “This better be good, Mark, this wine is expensive.”

“Is he your lover, Nataly?” he growled.

“He who?” I asked him calmly back.

“Mr. Hollenbeck, I just finished talking with him. He called you by your first name,” Mark snapped.

“Just because he used my first name. You’re out of your mind. And besides,” I pause to take a sip of my wine, which was glass number three at this point. “You’re the one with lovers in this relationship, not me.”

He growls and I note him clenching his fists.

“Are you getting scared that I will leave you, Mark,” I said sweetly. “My parents are almost back at the top. There is a deal in the process that will make them who they were before you showed up in our lives. I don’t cheat Mark. Now, I need to go back to hosting.”

I shift my body weight because I was leaning against the wall and notice too late that Mark has raised his hand and the pain is surprising.

He just slapped me.

My free hand touches my cheek, this was the first time when he slapped me in public and at a party. I didn’t think he would have the guts for it.

“If you joined me in my bed like a good wife, I would not be cheating on you,” he snapped.

“If you were a real man, but you are not,” I answered back angrily.

He pushed me to my limit and the only thing that was stopping me from stepping on his feet with my high heels or punching him in the stomach was that we are at my parent’s business party.

Mark, however, decided not to hold back because he raised his arm again. While I was thinking if I should dodge or hit him back, someone else did for me.

Kyle twisted Mark’s arm back and said, “What do you think that you’re doing?”

“She is my wife, get off man,” Mark whined in an angry tone.

“She’s my sister” Kyle said and put more pressure on Mark.

Mark looks like a ghost now.

“Just to let you know, I will be staying with you for a couple of weeks,” Kyle added.


“If I see you raise your hand on my sister, again, I’ll kill you,” Kyle threatened and let go of Mark. “Now, be a good boy and scram to entertain the guests.”

Mark glares at me before leaving.

“Thanks,” I muttered.

“How long has this been going on?” He asked.

“This is a first time,” I lied.

“Right, and I’m not in San Francisco,” Kyle snapped. “We’ll talk later.”

The End

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