The Killer HedgehogMature



It dwells in an old dead field where nothing ever grows.


In the centre of the field is the entrance to its burrow, a wide black void of a hole in the soil, stinking of death a decay, an unholy place where a creature that should have died thousands of years ago still lives.


It sleeps for most of the year accept for two weeks when it wakes up to feed, during the hottest days of the summer. Within the depths of its lair, the monsters blood red, naturally polished eyes seek out any movement in the dark, combined with its directional sense of smell this creature is one of nature’s most perfect hunters.


And it's almost time to hunt again.



Cam spun the wheel as the car reached a tight bend in the lane Tina gripped the arm rests of her seat as they took the turn far too quickly, nearly swinging out into a ditch,


“Cam for god's sake, slow down!”


“Come on baby, isn't this fun?”


“NO!” she screamed as he took the next turn, if Tina had not been wearing her seat belt, she would have bounced straight off the passenger side window,


“CAMERON, STOP.  NOW!” she screamed at him,


“FINE!” he yelled back, slamming hard on the brakes and flinging them both forwards in their seats. Tina unfastened her seat belt and opened her door, marching off into the field they had just pulled up by,


“Tina!” Cam called after her but she kept on walking, Cam climbed out of the car and called again but still she ignored him,


“Fine, you wanna walk home, go for it babe, you don't even know where you are!”


Tina walked as briskly as she could in her heeled shoes, the soil was dead and loose, as she brushed past the stems of old corn rows, they literally turned to dust. Tina stopped walking, Cam was a dick, but he was also right, she had no idea where she was and the village was probably miles away.


“Oh good move Tina” she sighed to herself, “you could have told him to take you home, but nooooo, you have to walk off into the field of the damned.” Taking a good look round in a vain hope of recognising something in the bleak darkness, Tina turned to walk back to the road, maybe Cam would still be there, parked round the bend trying to teach her some kind of lesson, but as she did she realised the it was too dark to even see the road anymore,

“Cam, you had better still be there”.


The long sharp spines covering its back are encrusted with the blood of its victims, the floor of its lair is littered with the bones of the animals it has dragged down there to feed on over the centuries, the size of the skeletons increasing as it grows. Something moves through the air, a scent that sets its hunting instincts into overdrive.

The abomination moves towards the tunnel, pushing itself forward on it’s over sized claws and nashing it’s long, splinter like teeth.


Tina soon realised she had completely turned herself round, with absolutely no light at all, she could only guess she was heading towards the road, but then, doubt would set in, she felt like she’d walked to far and should turn back,

“Oh fuck Cam, why do you have to be such an arse?...........AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHH!”

A sickening crack echoes through the night and Tina falls to her knees in pain, she reaches back towards her left foot, the pain is unbelievable.  As she pushes her fingers down her leg, she reaches her ankle and finds a gagged rip in her jeans, fresh blood is oozing through the material,

“Oh my god....what the fuck was that?” she spins her head in all directions in fear, searching for her attacker, but see’s nothing.  All there is are the corn rows, crumbling randomly all around her and the sound of something scrambling along the ground, something with heavy claws, something circling her.

It had missed on first strike, trying to attack too soon.  Its prey was hurt and limp but not down, it would have to be more patient, but the urge to feed was to strong.  The prey was trying to move again, trying to stand, it had to be patient and wait the prey out, just a little longer.


Tina pulled herself to her feet, then nearly toppled over again as she tried to put weight on the injured ankle, she opened her hand bag and tried to find her phone, finding it at the bottom of her bag she looked for Cam’s number, she dialled,

“Come on, pick up you pig” she cried down the phone as it rang on the other end, “Come on Cam......AAARRGHHH”.

The pain was a hundred times worse than the last, this time her right leg and this time she felt the bone at the bottom of her leg snap completely, she fell flat on her face and vomited violently across the ground.

“Hello?     Tina, are you there?”

“CAM!” she screamed at the phone, choking on her tears, “CAM HELP ME!”

Tina tried to turn herself round so she could pick the phone, then she smelt the foulest odour she had even known, it smelt like rotting cat food or something, it was going to make her sick again.  Then she felt it, close to her face and growling in her ear, the prickles of its whiskers on her face, she felt spines on her cheek.

Tina very slowly, despite the warnings sounding in her head, turned her head to face her attack, then long sharp jaws, clamped down across her throat, and ripped it out, spilling Tina’s blood over the dead ground.

The End

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