Cain Decides on a Snow Day or Two

     It was Cain who generally chose the location of the client-hitman meeting, keeping in mind numerous security issues.  He was well aware of the absolute necessity to cover his tracks.  If the various law enforcement officials throughout the world were to ever discern his location, he would never be free to see the light of day.  It was in his best interests to carefully monitor his associations with clients as well as his associations with marks. 

      The association with this client was slightly different in that during the initial negotiation, it was stipulated that he actually meet with the client at the client's resort of choice, a ski resort in Colorado.  He had done a few rub-outs for this particular client in the past.  Whie he considered the client to be most likely certifiable, the client was slways good for the dough, and he had always received a substantial bonus at the end of the kill deal.  Every once in a while he would have a client who wanted to be in charge, wanted to call the shots. It was a power trip, he supposed.   He let them believe they were in charge if it meant he got paid in the end.   He knew the truth.  He was always in charge. From the time of the initial contact to the time of the final convergence of client and killer, he and he alone called the shots.  That's what he had always believed. 

     He cased the resort prior to the last rub-out for this client and determined there was enough of an exit strategy that he felt safe conducting the final stage of business in the very private suite he had arranged.  It's amazing how much an individual  won't remember if one wears a quality disguise and slips the individual enough cash not to notice with a promise of future cash slippage. 

     At first, he did not enjoy the prospect of meeting the client during the winter in Colorado.  He much preferred the prospect of meeting the client during the winter in Aruba.  Sometimes he had to go along with the client's wishes to make the sale.  The more he thought about it, the more he realized he had not seen snow in a few years, and he would began to relish the thought of playing in the snow like when he was a child.  Of course, he wouldn't be able to stay around and play like a child unbridled in the utter joy of snow for long.  He never really stayed in one location for long, as that would be considered a occupational hazard.  Still, it might be nice to have a snow day or two.

The End

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