Time for the Piper to be Paid

Now it was time for something Cain hated worse than the torture required of the open pocket days.  The proverbial piper had to be paid, and unfortunately this meant dealing with the client.  He used to be trusting, so very trusting.  In the early days it was not his practice to meet the client face-to-face. The payment was to be wired to an account in a bank located somewhere in the Caymans.   He reasoned too many things theoretically could go wrong with meeting the clients.  Then one day, something went wrong, so very horribly wrong.  He hated to think of what had happened, but he knew in generic terminology, he got shafted.  He did the dirty deed, much dirtier than he had wanted to do but he desperately needed the cash, only to find the client tried to stiff him.  He hated the next action he was forced to undertake, but he could not let the rub-out go unpaid.  Freebies weren't good for business, because everyone would then expect freebies.  The client never saw it coming, which is exactly what Cain wanted. With his unique skill in surveillance, he was able to quickly locate the cheap stiff of a client who had inanely attempted to hide from him on a remote island in the Hebrides.  Three days after he found himself sitting on a commercial plane holding a ticket to Seattle, the head and only the head, of the client was found burnt to a crisp and attached to a pole.  The countenance remaining on the client's face left even the most hardened detectives puking and crying.  After everything hit the fan, he found the client actually had the cash but had attempted to stiff him anyway.  He wired the cash, along with a substantial amount more he found with it, to his Cayman isle bank account.  After that thoroughly unpleasant experience, he demanded on face-to-face meeting with the client.  He realized meeting the client was risky, but principles are principles.  Even men in is line of work have principles.  They may just be a little skewed.  Or a lot skewed.

The End

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