The Killer- Chapter FiveMature

I always carried a notepad with me, old habit. It also helped in my current profession. I flipped to a new page and headed it up“The Killer”.I began making notes about the crime scene. I noted every detail, it could all come in handy later in the case. God it was weird being back on the job. I resented it, but it was necessary. The sooner I solved this one the better. I wanted my life back.

Goldman came over to me as I was inspecting the bodies.

“What do you make of this detective?” he asked.

“I’m not a detective. I’m retired. I am only back on this case because of the personal threat to me”.

“Well if you are not a detective, I shall have to ask you to leave. Only professionals are allowed at murder scenes Dr. Jordan”.

“Last I saw you were not in charge of the case. This case is the Seattle PDs”.

“Yes, it was. But as your colleague, Mason already told you, the FBI were called in. This is our investigation now too Jordan. And one word from me to the chief, and I can have your ass kicked off the case. Now, are you a detective or not?”

I stared him straight in the eyes. “I’m a detective” I said, the resentment clear in my voice. This fucking case was really sucking me in now. I had no option.

“Good. So what do you make of this, detective?” he asked again, emphasising the detective. I already hated this bastard.

“I haven’t collected enough data yet to give a professional opinion. However, on first impressions from visiting both crime scenes, I would say that this fucker is good. He has left no traces at either crime scene. He is brutal, extremely so. And I believe everything is going to get a lot worse”.

“Well that much is obvious. You are going to have to do a lot better if you want to solve this case”.

“Don’t you think I know that? It’s my first day on the case. I’m going to fucking crack this one. You’ll see”.

“We’ll see” he said sceptically, then turned and walked off. Most likely gone to piss off someone else.

I continued making observations, noting every detail as the paramedics came and began to remove the bodies.

Officer Manning came over to me as I was getting ready to leave. He looked shell-shocked. I guessed he had never worked a case this bad before. It probably scared the shit out of him. Hell, it even scared me. How were we supposed to catch a killer who left no trail to follow?

“That FBI agent is stuck up his own hole ain’t he? Thinks he’s running the show”.

“I already hate him” I told the young officer. “How are you doing? Are you finding the case tough?”

“To be honest.... It’s the worst case I’ve ever been on. Mind you, I haven’t been on that many.... I just keep wondering.... why.... how can someone do these kinds of things?”

“I honestly can’t say I know. Even after my years in the job, and as a psychologist after.... I still haven’t found a reason for people doing this kind of thing. I just don’t know”.

The End

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