The Killer- Chapter FourMature

At precisely 8.30am, I woke to the sound of my Blackberry ringing. I checked the caller ID. It was Liam. Reluctantly, I answered.

“I told you Liam, I am not getting involved”.

“I know you did, but you need to know, he has killed Matthew Pierce”. My heart rate increased by double. Matt was my only appointment that day, but now, evidently, he wouldn’t be turning up. “And he left another note, but this time it’s addressed to you directly JJ”.

My heart rate was going into dangerous territory. Why the fuck did he want me so bad? What the hell did he want?

“I’ll be right there, but I’m not promising anything”.


I pulled up across the road from the apartment complex and when I got out of my car, I was greeted by a young officer, he must have been sent to wait for me.

“Officer Manning, Greg Manning. Pleased to meet you Dr. Jordan”.

“And I you Manning”.

We crossed the busy road. It was a media and police circus again. I had a feeling in my gut that I didn’t like. The pull of the case was getting stronger. It was getting hard to fight it off.

We entered Matt’s apartment and I immediately noticed the bloodstains on the carpet. I raised my eyes to the bed, and what I saw horrified me. Both Matt and a young red-headed girl were sprawled there, covered in bright red blood. Matt had been shot through the throat, the bullet hole stared at me along with his wide open eyes. Had the killer opened them?

The red-head was much worse. She had been shot through both of her eye sockets. Why, I didn’t know. The first shot would have killed her. The second shot was just brutality. On the wall behind the bed was another huge, shining ‘K’ written in the blood of the victims. One of them or both?

I tried to stop myself thinking like a detective but I could not. There was too much to take in, and it was overwhelming my defences. I was seriously struggling to fight the pull of the case. I did not want to be drawn in. Yet I feared I would.

Liam came over to me as soon as he spotted me. He was accompanied by another man.

“This is James Goldman. He is the FBI agent in charge of the case. They feel it’s time they got involved. They want to stop this fucker before he gets going”. I shook hands with the FBI agent. He was a broad shouldered, 6 foot 2 man. He had flat black hair and a square jawed face. His brown eyes pierced mine. I held his gaze. I was not going to be intimidated by a Fed.

“Show me the letter Liam” I said. I wanted to get this over with. He handed me a square folded piece of paper.

Dear Dr. Jordan. As you can clearly see, another of your patients has died.

I want you on this case. This murder is... motivation. I promise you, I am

not finished. I’m just getting warmed up. If after this scene, you still refuse

to take on the case, miss Watson will be the next to die. If you still refuse,

I shall kill your wife, Jane. So Doctor... what will it be? Join the hunt? Or lose

more people close to you?


That was it. He had me with the threat to my wife. Whatever happened, I could not live with myself if I refused his wishes and she paid the price.

“I’m in Liam. This shit just got personal”.

The End

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