The Killer- Chapter ThreeMature

The Killer stepped from his taxi into the chill night air. It was 12.00am. He paid off the driver and let him drive away. This one didn’t need to be killed. He would just think of him as a regular fare if the cops came calling, another dreg on his way to the nightclub.

As he joined the back of the queue for the nightclub, he scouted his potential prey. Further up the line was a man. The man had an extremely loud voice and was boasting about some new car he’d bought to the women in line behind him. He was a rather wide man, balding and short. Clearly he was also extremely overconfident.Cocky bastard.

The Killer hated people like him. He was just putting out, trying to get himself laid. It would surprise The Killer if anything the man said was true. Definitely a possibility.

The Killer paid his entry fee, nodded to the bouncers and stepped inside. The music assaulted his ears, a particularly loud DJ was on tonight. He took a seat at the bar and ordered a pint.

His thoughts slipped back to the case. They had found Karen’s body easy enough. It was all over the news. That detective Liam Mason had been put on the case. No mention of the Psychologist. The Killer knew he was trying to avoid coming back to the job. He didn’t want to get involved. The Killer knew everything about Dr. Jordan. He just needed to push his buttons. Maybe if another of his patients were to be killed it might motivate him to get involved.

That was part of the reason why he came to this particular night club. He knew that Matthew Pierce was a regular here. Pierce was due to see Dr. Jordan the next day. Would he make it to that appointment? Time would tell.

The Killer took to the dance floor, blending in with the crowd. He danced with some very lovely women, even kissed a few. All the time he was alert. If Matt didn’t show, there was always the arrogant guy from the queue.

Half an hour later, just gone 12.45am, Matt entered the club. He was with his new girlfriend, a slim, red –head who wore heels which brought her up to his 6 foot height. 2 for the price of 1. This should be fun.

The Killer spent the next hour and a half blending in, hell it’s what he did best. When Matt and the red-head eventually left, looking for some privacy no doubt, The Killer followed.

He maintained a safe distance behind them as they walked. As he moved, he pulled on his gloves.

The couple entered an apartment complex and The Killer followed. They were so engrossed with each other that they never saw him. They pushed the button for the elevator and hopped in. The Killer took the stairs; he knew which apartment was Matt’s.

He arrived on the fourth floor and moved to Matt’s apartment. He could hear them behind the door, giggling.

He knocked, and waited. The giggling stopped. He heard shuffling footsteps, then the click of a lock being opened.

“Hey mate, what are you doing here?” Matt asked through the open door.

“Can I come in for a minute? We need to talk” he said.


He entered the apartment and Matt shut the door behind him.

“So what’s this about? Is it to do with”- he was cut short by the bullet through his throat. He gurgled and blood spewed from the gaping hole in his neck. The Killer licked his lips, the blood turning him on. Then Matt fell to the floor. The Killer turned to the red-head, her blood coloured hair arousing him even more.

“Hello. I’m The Killer. You might have heard of me in the news today”. He gagged the red-head using a strip of the bed-sheet. Then he dropped his pants and moved in on her, savouring the thought of the extra blood to be spilled.


The End

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