The Killer- Chapter TwoMature

I pulled up outside Karen’s house and got out of my car. It was a media and police circus there. Blue and red lights flashing, along with the paparazzi cameras.  My old partner, Liam Mason came out to greet me. I could tell from the look on his face that it was bad.

“Thanks for coming JJ”. He used his shortened version of my name as always. “You knew her well... I thought you should see”. He took me into Karen’s house and in the hallway was the dead body of her dog.

“That’s not the worst bit” Mason said. “Come upstairs”.

I didn’t know if I wanted to but I followed him anyway. I could already feel the pull of the case. It was trying to drag me in, drag me from my happy retirement. Why did it have to be Karen? She was doing so well

We entered what I presumed was Karen’s room and my suspicions were confirmed right away. She was slumped on the bed, the right side of her head blown off. She was completely naked. On the wall behind her, drawn in her own blood was a huge letter ‘K’.

“She was raped then shot. Whoever did this is one sick fucker. But he is good. He left no traces behind, no bodily fluids, no pubic hair, no fingerprints. All he left for us was the bodies and that ‘K’. Seems to be his mark”. Liam moved to her bedside cabinet and picked up a folded piece of paper. “Left this as well”.

I took the note from him and began to read.

Dear imbeciles, cops and of course Dr. Jordan. I know you are there

so don’t try to deny it. You are all about to become a part of history.

This is the site of my first murder. I am called ‘The Killer’. My mark is

the ‘K’ you see on the wall behind Karen here. I personally hope you will get

 involved John. I look forward to seeing if you can crack the case and discover

my identity. I sincerely doubt it though. Things are about to get much worse.



“Fucker asked for you by name John”, Liam said to me. He was looking at me, judging my reaction to the typed note.

“I am not getting involved in this Liam. You know what the job did to me. I don’t think I could stand the pressure. This murder is bad enough, and he has promised they will get worse”.

“Consider it, please JJ, we could really use someone with your abilities on this one. This fucker is good, he even killed the cab driver who brought him here. We have no way of tracing him”.


I returned home then. I was determined not to get involved. I didn’t think I would be able to take it. But I could feel the pull of the case. It was trying to draw me in. And the pressure from Liam didn’t help.

Why had ‘The Killer’ asked specifically for me? Did he know me? Had he been a past patient? A former work colleague? Whoever he was, he definitely knew me, knew what I worked as.

When I was a detective, I was known for getting into the heads of criminals and murderers. Maybe this guy wanted me to try get into his head. Maybe he thought he was better than me.

I shook my head and banished all thoughts of the case from my head. I was NOT going to get involved.

Jane was waiting for me in the lounge, sipping a cup of coffee.

“It’s nearly seven John. Where have you been?” she asked as soon as I walked in. “What’s wrong, what’s happened?” She must have seen it in my face. She knew something was up.

“Liam called me in my office this morning. There’s been a murder. It was Karen”. Jane’s expression changed from one of concern to one of shock, then back again.

“They don’t want you to come out of retirement do they?”

“They have asked me to consider it. The killer asked for me by name, he left a note. He challenged me to catch him”.

“You can’t go back. It nearly cost you your life and sanity the first time round”.

“I know Jane, I know. It was horrible. He raped her, then shot her in the head. There was so much blood. I’m not going to let this pull me back in”.

“No, don’t. We are better off as we are”. She looked reassured that I was not going to be dragged into this mess. Somehow, I wasn’t...

The End

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