The KillerMature

A cold-blooded killer is on the loose in Seattle. Can the Homicide detectives catch him/her before too many people die?


1.00am- Seattle.

The man stepped from his home into the fresh night air. Tonight was his night. The night he began his rise to fame. The night he created his reputation as a serial killer.

He stopped a taxi as it passed by and hopped in. Ten minutes later, he arrived outside the home of his first victim. As he got out of the back of the taxi, he slipped his silenced pistol from his jacket pocket. He shot the driver in the back of the head. He could not be tracked, and the man had seen his face.

The quaint street was deserted, the streetlights burning above him. But for the light breeze, there was total silence. His ideal conditions. He strolled up to the gate as if he belonged, and he did, he belonged everywhere.

He made his way up the garden path and around to the back of the house. He reached out a gloved hand toward the back door. It was open, as she had once told him, she always left it open. Stupid naive woman.

He allowed himself a smile as he pushed the door in and entered her kitchen. His eyes adjusted to the darkness and he moved into the hallway. There was a sudden growling to his side and he turned to see a dog, teeth bared, staring in his direction. He calmly raised the pistol, shot it and caught the shell before it hit the floor. He couldn’t have it alerting its mistress. That would be counter-productive.

The killer came to the stairs and he began his slow ascent. He was enjoying his first night on the job. And it was about to get a whole lot better. He knew exactly where her room was. She had told him just the previous day.How utterly stupid is shehe thought.

He entered her bedroom, making no noise and walked to her bedside. He looked down at her, fast asleep beneath the covers. He placed the tip of the pistol to her temple, covered her mouth with his gloved hand and whispered in her ear “wake up”.

She jolted awake, terror in her eyes as she realised what situation she was in.

“If you scream for help, or try to run or fight, I shoot... Understand?” he asked.

She nodded once, the fear palpable on her smooth face. She really was beautiful. Her long blond hair fell perfectly around her and her sharp features were evident even in the gloom. He felt himself getting hard.

“This is going to be an amazing night babe” he said.

The killer dropped his pants, keeping the gun locked on her head. He slid under the covers with her and held her down with his free hand. He was very strong. She couldn’t move in his grip. He ripped her nightgown off.

“No... Please... no” she pleaded with him. “I’ll do anything”.                                                     

 He moved on top of her and began to make love to her. She made moaning noises. He enjoyed the moaning. He went faster and faster until he was finished. He let out a satisfied sigh a he slid off her. He stood off the bed, turned to look at her, cowering on the bed, naked. She was pleading with him again, but he was oblivious to it. He raised the pistol, placed it on her temple and shot.

Perfect crimes.


The End

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