Jess arrived at the warehouse shortly after she had parked her car a few blocks away so that the kidnappers didn't know that she had arrived. As Jess walked towards towards the warehouse she placed her hand on the handle of her gun ready to un-clip it from the holster. As soon as she reached the entrance, Jess unclipped her holster and pulled out her gun. She kept a tight grip on her gun as she slowly opened the door. She slowly walked in, her gun aimed. Then she spotted Ayana. Dropping her guard she put her gun away. The kidnapper stood behind Jess in the shadows watching, waiting for the right moment. Then he moved. Seeming quicker than lightening he gagged Jess. She gasped. Jess struggled to break free from his grasp.

Unbeknown to Jess, Don had followed her there. He parked his car quite far away so Jess couldn't see him. He then ran the rest of the way to the warehouse. He stayed in the shadows as he watched Jess get gagged. Fear struck in his eyes as his pain became visible. He hated his loved ones get hurt in any form. The kidnapper dragged Jess in to the small room which Ayana was also in. The kidnapper unhooked the door and it slowly began to close. Don looked around quickly trying to find something to wedge the door open. He then spotted a plank of wood, quickly grabbed it and ran, wedging the door open. But he stumbled back knocking in to a trash can. Don began to panic, knowing that the kidnapper probably heard it. Don quickly jumped in to the near by dumpster. The kidnapper turned around and walked out to see what had made the noise. Don heard the kidnappers footsteps getting closer so kept quiet. Not seeing anything, the kidnapper assumed it was a rat so, using Jess' 9 mil that he had took off her, shot several rounds at the dumpster. One of the bullets penetrated through the dumpster hitting Don's abdomen. The kidnapper turned around and began to head back in. Don clung on to his wound as he mustered the strength to pull himself up on to the side of the dumpster then roll off. Jess heard the thud from Don's body hitting the ground. She peered out, immediately noticing Don on the ground, his face scrunched up in pain.

The kidnapper turned around seeing Don. He took off the scarf from around his neck then walked over to Don looking down at him, as if examining him. The kidnapper crouched down and tied his scarf tightly over Don's wound. Don closed his eyes and yelled out slightly. The kidnapper stood up, then with all his strength, dragged Don in to the room where Jess and Ayana were tied up. Jess' eyes widened as she watched Don being dragged in and the condition he was in. The kidnapper then tied Don up to the back of Jess. Don was now breathing fairly heavily as he fought to stay conscious. Don weakly searched for Jess' hands. Once he had found them, he slowly guided her hands to his back pocket. Jess kept looking forward, focusing on Don's guidance. Don then stopped and held Jess' hand on his back pocket. Jess could feel Don's pocket knife. She slowly pulled the knife out of the pocket and carefully cut the rope that was bound around Don's wrists. She then passed the knife to Don. Don gripped the knife and with all the energy he had left, severed the rope around Jess' wrists. Don then dropped the knife and collapsed to the ground. Don laid there, his eyes half open. He carefully watched Jess as she quickly crawled over to Ayana and untied her. Jess then tuck rolled and quickly grabbed her gun. Exhausted from struggling, Jess tried to get a good aim on the kidnapper. She attempted to shoot him but only just managed to get a bullet to graze the kidnapper's arm. The kidnapper grabbed his arm as he yelled out. Ayana ceased the opportunity and grabbed the wood which Don wedged the door open with. Ayana stood behind the killer, took a swing back then whacked the wood over the kidnapper's head causing him to fall unconscious and fall to the ground. Jess watched Ayana with wide eyes then grinned. Ayana smiled then nodded over to Don. Jess looked back then ran over to Don. Jess knelt down at the side of him and applied pressure to his wound. Don looked up at Jess, his eyes heavy. "J...ess...I...I...I love you" Don spoke quietly. Jess looked down at him, tears streaming down her cheeks. "I love you too Don." Jess' voice stuttered as she cried. Don's head began to go floppy as he slowly fell unconscious. "Don!...Don!" Jess screamed in floods of tears.

Danny had an incline that something had gone wrong, so sent back up to the warehouse. Jess kept talking to Don as she tried to keep him with her. She clutched his hand tightly to let him know that she wasn't going to leave him. Don's eyes slowly closed and Jess broke down, her head on his chest muffling her cries. Mac had reached the scene. Getting out of his SUV, he heard Jess' screams. Mac jogged over and inside then walked up behind Jess and placed his hand on her shoulder. Jess took a deep breath and composed herself then looked up at Mac. "He's going to be ok Jess. I promise" Mac spoke softly. Jess sniffed and nodded. EMS came over and got Don hooked up to oxygen and placed on to a stretcher, then loaded him in to the ambulance. Jess stood up and watched the EMS with Don. Mac looked at Jess. "Go with him Jessica, he'll want you at his side when he wakes up." Mac spoke in a reassuring tone. Jess showed a small yet pain filled smile then climbed in to the ambulance. One of the EMS closed the ambulance doors then got in the front driving to the hospital, lights and sirens blaring out.

Once at the hospital the EMS rushed Don in as a tear struck Jess jogged in after them. The doctors took Don off the EMS and took him straight down to the OR. Jess impatiently paced the waiting room, her eyes bloodshot from crying. Danny walked in to the hospital. Upon seeing Jess he quickened his pace and walked over to her immediately pulling her in to a hug. "He's gonna be fine Angell" Danny mumbled. Jess buried her head in to Danny's shoulder. "I can't loose him" She spoke, her voice muffled by Danny. Danny kept hold of Jess hour after hour, until he noticed a doctor walking over to them. Jess was beginning to drift off on Danny so didn't really notice. Danny gently patted her arm and whispered. "Doc's here Jess." Jess looked up at the doctor sharply. The doctor smiled softly at Jessica. "Is he okay? Did you manage to save him? Can I see him?" Jess fired questions at the doctor. Danny squeezed her gently telling her to relax. The doctor nodded at Danny then looked back at Jess. "Mr Flack pulled through ma'am, he's now down in recovery. It will be an hour or so before he comes around from the anesthetic but you can go and see him." Jess smiled softly and nodded. "Okay, thank you" She replied. The doctor smiled and walked away. "See Angell, told ya he'd be fine. He couldn't leave ya now could he?" I mean he says as I recall you're his little French Rose, his soul mate, his angel sent from heaven" Danny grinned. Jess smiled as she blushed. She then looked at Danny "He really said that?" She questioned. "Yup, sure as the big game we missed working the double last week... Now c'mon, you're going down to his room" Danny stood up pulling Jess up with him. Jess smiled and jumped to her feet .

Both Danny and Jess walked down to Don's room. Don laid asleep, several monitors and tubes surrounding him. Jess closed her eyes, took a deep breath and walked in slowly. Danny stayed at the door, smiling as he watched Jess. Jess sat down in the chair beside Don's bed and took his hand in hers. Danny slowly moved himself away from Don's room and down the corridor phoning Mac to tell him updates. Jess watched Don for what seemed like forever. She began to feel her eyes going heavy as she sat back in the chair. Not long after sitting back, Jess gave in to her exhaustion and fell asleep. As Jess drifted off, Don's eyes began to flicker. The anesthetic had finally wore off. Don slowly opened his eyes. He tried to clench his hand the get the circulation back but felt Jess' hand there. He smiled weakly and tilted his head to the left spotting Jess curled up, asleep in the chair. He smiled then swallowed and lets his eyes slowly close again.

The End

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