Jess laid in bed as her fingers entwined with Don's, his lips caressing hers. Jess kept eye contact with Don whilst he slid his hands down her arms. "I love you Don" Jess mumbled as Don kissed her collar bone. "I love you too Jess" Don smiled against her warm, soft skin. He then sat up slightly and kissed her tender lips. Then it rang. Jess sighed and turned to answer her phone, but then she remembered. She was handcuffed. Don looked at Jess then at the phone. He picked up the phone and pressed 'call accept' then placed the phone against Jess' ear.

Ayana Beaufort was Jess' best friend and they had known each other since they started kindergarten. Ayana was walking along 5th and Main when she felt herself being followed. She stopped and looked around to see two men in black hoodies. She began to walk faster every so often glancing back. The hooded men still behind her. She ran, ran as fast as she could. Around a corner and down into an alleyway. She was trapped. The alleyway was a dead end. She panicked and looked around for a place to hide. The hooded men's footsteps got louder. Ayana could not see them. It was too dark. Then all of a sudden a hand grabbed her arm. She struggled but another hand grabbed her other arm. She went to scream but for some reason nothing seemed to come out. The men dragged Ayana to a van and gagged her then tied her wrists together with some rope and shoved her into the back. Ayana cried, she had no clue what was happening, tears streamed down her cheeks as the van drove off. Ayana sat still as she could whilst they drove to an abandoned warehouse. Then the van stopped. Ayana looked around wondering what was going on. Suddenly, the men pulled open the doors and grabbed Ayana, dragging her into the warehouse. Ayana attempted to get out of then men's grip but they clung on to her tight like leeches thirsty for blood. They then dragged her in to a dark, bleak room where they searched her for her phone. Once the kidnappers had found Ayana's phone they looked through her contacts and spotted the name 'Jess. A x'.

"Is this the famous Jessica Angell, NYPD's finest?" One of the men asked in an ordering tone. Ayana's face was full of fear. She didn't know what to do. So she just nodded. The man smirked and pressed begin call.

"Jessica Angell?" The voice asked. Jess frowned slightly "who are you and why are you using Ayana's phone?" Jess questioned. The man on Ayana's cell smirked. "Because she's doing something for me."
Jess started to get annoyed "Put Ayana on the phone!"

The guy smirked and held the phone to Ayana's ear. Ayana breathed heavily. Jess heard Ayana. "Ayana slow your breathing" Jess advised. Ayana calmed her breathing. "Jess I need Gummy bears!" Jess' eyes widened. "Ayana keep calm okay, I'll do what I can." Ayana took a breath about to speak as the guy ended the call. Jess sighed and looked up at Don. Don smiled softly and kissed Jess as he uncuffed her for the bed. "Go and get her babe" Don spoke softly. Jess smiled and sat up.

Whilst Jess got changed Don rang the lab. Danny heard the phone so ran and picked it up. "NYPD crime lab, Detective Messer speaking…" "Messer it's me... we have a hostage situation." Don talked in a slight whisper not letting Jess hear him. "Okay Flack... Let me guess, Jess is going after them?" "You got it in one" "Ok, I'll track her GPS Flack" "Thanks Messer" "No problem Don" Don hung up then looked over at Jess who was now dressed. Jess looked over at Don with a sorrowful look. "She'll be okay Jess" Don spoke softly as he walked over to her, giving her a hug. Jess hugged him back and took a deep breath. "I'll be back soon" Jess spoke quietly. Don nodded, smiling softly. He then handed Jess her car keys. Jess slowly took her keys off Don, kissed him then left. Don paced up and down Jess' apartment. He was restless. He didn't know whether to follow her or just sit and wait. Don then grabbed his coat, he couldn't just sit there whilst the woman he loved most was risking her life to save her best friend.

The End

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