Adam Ross was NYPD 15th Precinct Crime Lab's cool but slightly strange lab rat. Mac had just got back from the scene and had given Adam all of the trace evidence to process. "Gee, thanks boss" Adam said as he saw the amount of evidence he had.

"Don't mention it Adam" Mac said as he walked back past Adam's lab to go back to his office. Adam shook his head and chuckled to himself as he turned around to get a pair of gloves. Stella walked in whilst Adam was turned around and placed her pile of evidence on his table and walked out just as Adam turned back around.

"Ohh Whaaaatttt?" Adam whined as he saw Stella's pile of evidence. Stella poked her head back around Adam's lab door. "Thank you Adam!" Stella chuckled. Adam rolled his eyes and began processing the evidence.

Danny went into the morgue to se if Sid had found anything on the body. "Sid! My man...What ya got for me?" Danny asked with a raised cheery tone.

Danny…Well it seems our John Doe here swallowed a key, wedged itself in his oesophagus." Sid explained. Danny pulled a face as he stood looking down at the body with his arms folded. Sid then passed Danny the jar containing the key. "Thank you Sid" Danny said still with a cheery tone. He then took the jar with the key in and went to the trace lab, joining Adam. "Messer man!" Adam cheered as he chuckled.

"Rossy!" Danny cheered and chuckled back. He then got his lab coat and put it on followed by his gloves. He then put the jar containing the key down on the table. Adam looks at the key and pulls a face. Danny chuckles as he pulls the key out of the jar and places it in a Petri dish. "Let's see what this key can tell us." Danny says as he gets the digital camera and takes a photo of the key. Once he had taken several photos he got the lead for the camera and plugged it into the computer and uploaded the images on to the computer to find the locksmith that the key was cut at. The computer searched through all the locksmith databases before it came up with a match.

"Boom!" Danny shouted as he looked at the computer screen. He then called Flack to tell him about his findings.

Flack was stood talking to a PD Officer when he heard his phone ring. "Detective Flack…" Don answered his phone.
"Donald Ma homie!" Danny shouted cheerily down the phone.
"Messer Man!" Don shouted back chuckling, "What ya got for me?
"Erm… well I got a key to a house if that's anything?" Danny suggested as he sent Flack the information through to his computer.
"Good, good. We meeting up by the squad cars?" Don asked as he looked through the file Danny hand sent.

Danny and Don met up and headed to the victim's house. Once they got to the house Don allowed Danny to open the door with the key then walked in after him. Danny and Don looked around the house for any clues leading to the cause of the victim's death. Don bent down to look in the fish tank. He was admiring the Angel fish when he spotted an arrow pointing left to the bedroom. "Oi Messer, over here!" Don shouted as he flagged Danny over to the bedroom. Danny looked over at Don and raised an eyebrow then stood up and walked towards the bedroom. Don slipped in the door in front of Danny. They then both looked around the bedroom, where they couldn't find anything obvious. Don frowned then looked down at the bed where a corner of the covers were folded back revealing what looked like a photo. Don whistled to get Danny's attention then pointed down at the mattress. Danny walked over, and then both he and Don pulled back the sheets fully revealing photos sewn into the mattress. "Wonder who the person in the photos with the victim is" Don asked.
"Could be the killer? Let's cut this photo mattress out and get it back to the lab" Danny said as he looked through the photos.
"Adam's going to love us for this Messer" Don chuckled. Danny and Don then cut out the sewn in photos from the mattress and headed back to the lab.

Whilst Danny and Don headed back to the lab, Jess clocked out and headed home to get ready for Don. Don walked into the lab with Danny and noticed the time.
"Messer, I gotta go" Don smirked and winked at Messer giving him a hint. Danny grinned, "Go get her Flack!" He chuckled and let Don go. Don drove back to his apartment to get himself ready. He changed his shirt and headed to Jess' apartment. On the way to Jess' apartment he spotted a flower stand so pulled over and took a look at the roses. He spotted a single red rose with white tipped petals. Don got out $1 and brought the rose then got back into his car continuing to Jess' apartment.

Jess had got changed into her satin dressing gown and she began to wash up. Don pulled up outside Jess' apartment and walked up to her door. Jess had become carried away and was now getting the wine ready. Don let himself into Jess' apartment holding the rose in his mouth as he spotted Jess and walked behind her slipping his hands around her waist. Jess smiled as she set the wine bottle down and placed her hand on the back of Don's head as he took the rose out of his mouth and pushed her hair out of the way from her neck. He then slowly began to caress her neck. Jess closed her eyes as a smile appeared on her face, bigger than before and she gripped on to Don's neck. Don nibbled lightly on Jess' ear then whispered seductively "I want you now"

Jess smirked and turned to face Don. She looked up into his bright blue eyes as he looked down into her hazel brown eyes. The whole place seemed to stand still like they were the only two moving. Jess' mahogany brown hair floated as a light breeze entered her window. Don smiled brightly as he placed his hand on her cheek, running his thumb over it. Jess grinned as she looked up at Don, placing her hand on his. She then held his hand and lead him into her bedroom, smiling. Don smirked and followed Jess.

The End

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